Update of SUMMARY: Systems Administration Tools

From: Jason McIntosh <jmcintosh_at_mlug.missouri.edu>
Date: Fri Nov 08 2002 - 14:02:09 EST
Thanks go to Dave Foster for forwarding some additional information on a few
other admintools.
There are some GUI admin programs that are worth looking at,
like Veritas' vmsa like you mentioned, and the Solaris DHCP
Manager 'dhcpmgr'. I wouldn't want to manage DHCP without it.

Dave Foster

A last note, I upgrade the version of java on the machine from 1.2.2 to
1.3.1.  Now, when I ssh into the box and use X forwarding in ssh, the
refresh problem goes away.  So, as a note, for those using the tools that
are java based would be wise to look at upgrading from 1.2.2 to a newer
I relinked /usr/java from /usr/java1.2 to /usr/j2sdk1_3_1_06 (see
http://java.sun.com/) and thus far, things seem to be working fine.

Jason McIntosh
University of Missouri Campus Facilities
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