SUMMARY: port speed

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 12:29:57 EDT
I asked:

Does anyone know of a single command that will tell me the speed of an
interface?  I have a shell script with ndd commands to query the speed,
but that shell script queries each interface 5 times (10/half, 10/full,
100/half, 100/full, autonegotiate) and so it is much harder to put in
cron.  TIA.

The answer:


A *lot* of people responded, far too many to list, telling me of the
multiple ndd commands you could do on each interface.  I have been
doing that, but I wanted to find out if there is a single command before
I possibly re-invent the wheel.  There is not, so I have written a perl
script that gets all interface names on a machine and then runs the
appropriate ndd commands to determine the speed of all interfaces.

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