SUMMARY: Emulex Lightpulse in Blade2000

From: <>
Date: Fri Dec 06 2002 - 10:49:50 EST

Fixed it. The solution was to reorder the cards in the PCI 
slots. We now have the graphics card in the bottom slot 
and the two LP8000s in slots 2 & 3.

----------------originally ------------------------------
Got a Blade 2000, 2x900MHz into which I'm attempting 
to install a couple of Emulex Lightpulse 8000 fibre HBA.
As soon as I install the drivers (lpfc4.2.1e) the machine 
will crash on restart with a PCI bus error. Take the 
drivers out and everything works again.

Solaris is patched on the Blade. OBP is 4.5.16. Emulex 
cards are new with latest firmware.

FWIW we've got dozens of V880s using these things 
without problems.

Any ideas anyone?
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