SUMMARY : Partnumber of serial cable Netra T1 <-> Annex terminal concentrator

From: <>
Date: Fri Oct 18 2002 - 05:27:34 EDT
First of all :

Sun doesn't have a cable to connect the Netra T1 to the Micro Annext TC, so
no part number for that.
The quickest way (and probably the cheapest) for connecting the Netra to the
TC is creating a cable yourself.

In the end I've created the following cable (and it works fine) :

                     Connector = RJ45

                     Pin 1   RTS
                     Pin 2   DTR
                     Pin 3   TXD ------>  to RXD of Annex  - pin 5
                     Pin 4   GND ----------->  Gnd   - pin 6
                     Pin 5   GND
                     Pin 6   RXD -------------->   to TXD of Annex - pin 3
                     Pin 7   DSR
                     Pin 8   CTS
				Micro Annex TC (RJ45)		Netra T1

Where the left end goes into the Micro Annex Terminal Concentrator and the
connector (with only 3 wires connected) into the Netra. This works fine.

Many thanks to Antonio Maiorca for his help :

The following pin-out I got from Antonio Maiorca, which basically is the
same :

I would like to notice you that that kind of cable is NOT simmetric,
i.e if you put the ends into the RJ45 plugs in the wrong way it will
NOT WORK. You have to swap the ends and try it again. If the cables you
have don't work in any of these way, maybe they are wrong and you
can try to do it yourself following the instructions below.

This is how to make your own cable.

 1) Make one end exactly as it would an ethernet cable

    Pin 1    white - orange
    Pin 2    orange
    Pin 3    white - green
    Pin 4    blue
    Pin 5    white - blue
    Pin 6    green
    Pin 7    white - brown
    Pin 8    brown

 2) Make the other end accordingly the following pinout:

    Pin 1    brown
    Pin 2    white - brown
    Pin 3    green
    Pin 4    white - blue
    Pin 5    white - green
    Pin 6    blue
    Pin 7    orange
    Pin 8    white - orange

    and this is the end that go into the Annex.

 3) Mark both ends to remember in which device you have to plug it to


Marcel Lambrechts
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