SUMMARY: automount question

From: <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 18:08:48 EST
Thanks to Gary Richardson, who pointed out that I had placed the line:
"/opt/third-party   -null"
AFTER the "+auto_master" line in /etc/auto_master - whereas I should have
place it BEFORE this line, so that it would effectively override the NIS
map information.

His response:
> Put /opt/third-party -null at the top of the file. It's got to be before
> auto_master calls the other maps. If you put it after your auto_master > > looks to NIS, it's not going to do anything before you. Gotta be before. 
> I just did this on a system here (yesterday, in fact) and it worked as
> advertised. 
>    -Gary

> Managers,
    > I need to exclude a certain directory from being automounted 
    > by a remote source. For example, if I cd /opt/third-party, 
    > then /opt/third-party gets mounted from a remote NFS server. 
    > On this particular box (and others) I'd like this directory 
    > to be local, so when I cd /opt/third-party I'm not getting 
    > the remotely automounted dir but rather a local automounted 
    > (or even no automount for that directory, whatever is 
    > recommended as best practice.) 
    > The machine is 2.8, it obviously has an /etc/auto_master, but 
    > like mentioned above, we are also using NIS to push 
    > auto.master & maps.
    > I thought I could put a line in my local /etc/auto_master 
    > file like this:
    > /opt/third-party -null & that would work....but even after I 
    > stop/start autofs & it doesn't seem to work.

D. Daniels


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