SUMMARY: Determine Usable Disks at JumpStart

From: Fabrice Guerini <>
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 15:04:32 EDT
Thanks to: Bryan Moore, Kevin Graham, Darren Dunham, Glenn Cantello, David 
Foster, Tim Fritz, Bryan Pepin.

Nobody really provided a way to tell writable disk devices from read-only 
devices, but all the suggestions pointed me to a simple solution that 
solved my current problem, which was to determine the boot disk at 
JumpStart time.

The answer: let JumpStart determine it itself. The boot disk can then be 
referred to in the rest of the profile as "rootdisk". This resulted in the 
following profiles:

For initial installation,

    install_type   initial_install
    system_type    server
    boot_device    any             update
    partitioning   explicit
    filesys        rootdisk.s0     free    /
    filesys        rootdisk.s1     2048    swap
    filesys        rootdisk.s3     128
    cluster        SUNWCXall

For upgrade,

    install_type   upgrade
    cluster        SUNWCXall

My original question:

>>I am trying to programmatically generate a profile for JumpStart 
>>installations. The issue, here, is that I cannot predict the disk that 
>>will be used for O.S. installation.
>>In 99% of cases, I will be able to use "c0t0d0s0", but there are fringe 
>>cases where the actual disk where I put my root partition is on a 
>>different device name (case in point, my SunFire 280R is installed on 
>>"c1t0d0s0", while the device on controller 0 is the CD-ROM drive).
>>I know I can determine the list of mountable devices using "iostat -xpn", 
>>but how can I detect whether the device is a writable disk, suitable for 
>>Solaris installation, or if it isn't (CD-ROM drive or other read-only 
>>device)? The "format" command seems to be able to do that.
>>Thanks in advance.

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