SUMMARY: how to create CDE backdrop files?

From: Andreas Fenner <>
Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 06:08:27 EDT
First thanks for the response.

Original Question:
> I'm searching for a method to convert Images (GIF, JPEG) to pixmapfiles
> for the backdrop-dir for CDE ($HOME/.dt/backdrops)
> I tried it with xv (v3.10a) - but the Workspace Manager always says:
>         "Unable to get image xxx for workspace ws0"
> I think xv is not creating the correct pm-files.
> Any hints?


Jon Godfrey wrote:
> Try /usr/dt/bin/sdtimage.

Thanks - that works great !!


Deborah Santomauro wrote:
> Andreas,
> Why not just use the images "as is"? Just try using it this way:
> pic 'xv -max -root $HOME/.dt/backdrops/<image> &
> I have a bunch of images in my .dt/backdrops directory that are "gif" and "jpg"
> and the above works fine. You can create an alias for this so that you don't
> have to always type in the entire command line.

Yes of course - "xv -max -root ..." - will also work, but with this I will get 
only one image for all workspaces - with the backdrop way I can create seperate
images for each workspace.


"Lee, Elizabeth" wrote:
> I've always used the Image Viewer in CDE.  Look in Chapter 16 of...
>                                Name: CDE_sysadm2.6.pdf
>    CDE_sysadm2.6.pdf           Type: Acrobat (application/pdf)
>                            Encoding: base64
>                     Download Status: Not downloaded with message


seems to be stdimage.

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