SUMMARY: Sun Login Screen menu question

From: Gene Huft <>
Date: Tue Nov 26 2002 - 15:22:04 EST
Thanks to Thomas Wong, who actually works with me!

Thomas pointed out the following URL & other advice which solved the

The gist of it being:

1. copy the /usr/dt/C/config/Xresources file to
2. Edit /etc/dt/C/config/Xresources & uncomment the line (remove
preceeding "!")
!Dtlogin*options_languages*sensitive:     False
3. Reboot



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>>> "Gene Huft" <> 11/26/02 10:39AM >>>
Under the "Options" pull down menu on a standard Solaris 8 login
screen, there is a "Language" selection. We'd like to either disable
or offer only 1 choice to the users. It looks like the list of languages
for this menu selection is built dynamically & I've been searching
around & doing some testing but haven't nailed how to do what we want
yet. Perhaps someone can save me valuable time!

Thanks in advance, will summarize.
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