[SUMMARY] Jumpstart: Could not update system for automatic rebooting

From: Osama Ahmed <osamaahmed_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 13:51:31 EST
Sorry for that late summary, but it took me sometime to make sure about
the correct reason of the problem. My original post is below.

Thanks to:
Mark McManus [mmcmanus@Houston.GeoQuest.SLB.COM]
Ken Nelson [ken.nelson@pobox.com]

And the award winner Charles Gagnon [charlesg@unixrealm.com]

I thought that the reason of the problem is something wrong with the
Openboot, Charles confirmed my thoughts and clearly identified the
reason of the problem. I have tested this solution on my Ultra 60 and
Charles tested this solution on his NetraX1.

I will state Charles words here as it represents the best
summary/solution to the problem:

Quote Charles:

Actually, I just tested something that seems to fix the problem. For
some odd
reason, the sun4u and sun4m architectures will not be able to
reboot after a jumpstart if the eeprom diag-switch? value is true. To
  # eeprom diag-switch?
If the value is true, simply set it to false before you jumpstart the
  # eeprom diag-switch?=false
You can do the same thing from the OK> prompt using "printenv" and

UnQuote Charles

I hope SUN can do something so that Jumpstart can update the system for
automatic rebooting even if diag-switch is set to true !!!


Osama Ahmed



 After a successful jumpstart installation (Solaris 8/Latest Patch
cluster) of an Ultra60, the automatic installation failed to update the
boot device of OBP with the following message:

 Installing boot information
        - Installing boot blocks (c0t0d0s0)
        - Updating system firmware for automatic rebooting
WARNING: Could not update system for automatic rebooting

         If you want the system to always reboot Solaris from
         the boot device that you've specificed (c0t0d0s0),
         you must change the system's default boot device using
         the eeprom(1M) command after installing Solaris software.

Any clue why the jumpstart installation couldn't update the boot-device

I have did this jumpstart  installation to a twin machine and everything
went ok.

The machine U60, OBP version is 3.23.1, POST version is 2.0.2


PS: I have searched the archive, but did not find any similar
problem+nothing useful in the advanced installation guide

Osama Ahmed
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