SUMMARY: Oracle/Ultra 60 vs Netra

From: Evan Oulashin <>
Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 17:59:10 EDT
Original query regarded looking for a ballpark guess about potential
performance of Oracle
8i on either of two platforms: one of the Netra dual 360 boxes, vs an
Ultra 60 with dual 360s. 

I got several quick replies, as usual.  This list is outstanding.
They (essentially) were:

"Ultra 60 is same mainboard as the 220R. These provide pretty good
performance and can scale to 2G memory and 2x450MHz processors:
I have many customers running Oracle and/or web apps on these guys. The
rackmount stuff is nice. Keep in mind Netra is using similar boards as
normal Sun servers but rugged and telco certified (for the most part)
adds cost. If you are not telco then go for 220R/U60."

"If you are only looking at performance, the Ultra 60 will have superior
space and can be upgraded to dual 450s.  However, the U60 is not rack
mountable and the space it consumes is 12x larger.  Also, I believe,
some of
the netras come with dual power supplies which would give you greater

"Performance should be very similar, as the Netras and Ultra-60 have a
similar architecture.  A E250R with memory interleaving would probably
be faster."

Thanks to all once again!

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