SUMMARY : Print as Landscape orientation thru JetAdmin

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Date: Mon Dec 16 2002 - 21:18:50 EST
Hi Mates at sumanagers...

Thanks a bunch for your helps to subject as above. Finally I found
the Log which recorded about the problem (It's been happened before).


Problem:    How could I setup permanently a network printer as landscape
            printer ?? (without interve the hardware, it lets as default)

            Config:  Solaris 5.6 running in E450/E3500 box
                     HP JetAdmin Utility for UNIX (Rev. D.02.10)
                     HP LaserJet 8100

Solution:   1.  Define the networked printer in /etc/hosts
                # more /etc/hosts
                # ....
                # ....
                #   HP8100

            2.  Define the spooler thru JetAdmin (for example HP8100L)

                   *                  MAIN MENU                    *
                   *  HP JetAdmin Utility for UNIX (Rev. D.02.10)  *

                  1) Configuration (super-user only):
                     - configure printer, add printer to spooler


                  5) Printer Status:
                     - show printer status, location, and contact

            3.  Make sure those above works fine

            4.  Go to the /etc/lp/interfaces/model.orig/HP8100L

            5.  Modify the file using vi, then type /$4

            6.  insert into options="Landscape raw lpi8 fp12"

            7.  insert into options="$ options $5"

I also attach captured image of those modification (HP8100.jpg)

(See attached file: HP8100L.jpg)

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Jay Lessert <> on 25-11-2002 06:19:58

To:   Abdillah Alkaff/TPJ@TPJ

Subject:  Re: Print as Landscape orientation
On Sat, Nov 23, 2002 at 12:57:48PM +0700, wrote:
> Hi folks...
> Currently we're using the Sunfire v480 (Solaris 5.8), in there
> we defined already the printer (HP Laser Jet 8100) that
> connected via network. The printing as portrait orientation is
> completed succesfully, however we do not know how to configure
> the printer for LANDSCAPE orientation.

One thing you can do is install HP JetDirect SW on your Solaris box,
(HP moves it around on their website, you'll find it with a search)
set up the Solaris box as a spooler for the printer.

This will set up HP's filter script (/etc/lp/interfaces).

% lp -d printername -o landscape
% lp -d printername -o portrait

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