Summary: No serial console connected - boots up but stays in ok prompt ?

From: Lyndon Tiu <>
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 00:25:52 EDT

at the ok prompt,

set auto-boot to true

Many thanks to all who replied:

Barndon Daron
Steve Mickeler
Ryan A. Krenzischek
Galen Johnson
Justin Stringfellow

You've all been helpful indeed.

Original post:

I know that if you power off the terminal connected to a SUN, the SUN drops 
to the ok prompt. 

I also know that if you connect a SUN to a terminal, boot it, then disconnect 
the terminal, the SUN drops to the ok prompt. 

What I am puzzled about is that if I start without any terminal connected to 
the SUN, power it up, it boots into the ok prompt only and won't go further. 

What am I missing here? 

The system is an old IPX running sendmail on Solaris 2.6. It's my office's 
SMTP server. It's old but does the job very well and I'd hate to lose it. 

Thank you for any tips. 

Lyndon Tiu 
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