SUMMARY: console port

From: Jaime Menendez <>
Date: Tue Oct 01 2002 - 13:39:47 EDT
Thanks all for the answers. Jaime Menendez wrote:
> Hi all,I have connect a notebook to E450 console port.eeprom command
> reply the next:       output-device=screen ttya ttyb
> input-device=keyboard ttya ttyb When i try to connect to the machine my
> terminal is blank, i don4t receive information from machine. Anybody
> knows what i forgot to change or to add in my configuration to connect
> with console port?. Thanks in advanced.

You do not need to alter the output and input device. Go with the
default values.
The Sun machines automaticly redirects to ttya if a keyboard is NOT
this is done during boot of the machine. In other words, boot without
keyboard attached.

Make sure your terminalprogram is setup as 9600bps 8 bits, no parity, 1
Also make sure you have a nullmodem cable. A straight serial cable will
not do.
The cable is also sometimes called tipcable.



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