[Summary] Maximum disk size Solaris 8

From: Alexander Sarreiter <Alexander.Sarreiter_at_melo.de>
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 04:09:59 EDT

I think the following answer is enough ;-)



Maximum volume you can present to Solaris (even v9) is 1TB (or 1TB
-1byte). This is documented in one of the Solaris manuals but hard to
find. If you want to break 1TB, you'll need to present two volumes from
the RAID array and concatenate them together with Veritas Volume
Manager. Note that the Solaris Volume Manager (fka disksuite) that comes
with Solaris v9 can't break the 1TB barrier (found this by trial and

You'll then need to use the Veritas Filesystem since the UFS filesystem
also can't break the 1TB barrier.

We tried all this and got a ~1.3TB filesystem mounted but had corruption
of the vxfs filesystem. Still working on a solution, but we've backed
off to presenting two 700GB partitions temporarily.

The question was:
> I know that the maximum partition size is 1TB, caused
> by UFS (64bit). But I found no information about the
> maximum harddisk size. The reason for this question:
> We attached a RAID system with slightly over 1TB capacity,
> but the format utility says its a 192GB disk.
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