[SUMMARY] How to get serial number for A5100 disk array

From: David Foster <foster_at_dim.ucsd.edu>
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 16:27:48 EDT
Dumb question: how to get serial number for A5100 disk array


   There is no way to get the serial number through software.
   On the back of the unit there is a plastic grill which
   covers the rear panel of disks; there is a tab at the
   top of it, push it down and pull the grill out and down.
   The serial number is on the vertical post near the center
   of the unit (the only thing with writing on it besides
   the disks).

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Tony Walsh
Troy Abernathy
Matthew Stier
Vern Kyle

> How does one get the serial number for an A5100 disk array?
> While I was working with Sun's technical support on another
> matter, I was told that 'luxadm' will provide this, but I must
> not know what to look for because from the man page and luxadm's
> output I don't see it.
> I need the serial number to give to tech support.

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