SUMMARY - Symbolic Links

From: John Elser <>
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 13:17:27 EDT
Thanks for the many responses.  Most people told me that everything looks
right, but Josh Glover thought something looked strange when an ls /vols
didn't show the files in volumes.  So, I looked around a bit more and found
that /vols was an existing directory, so when I did an ln -s /volumes /vols,
it put the volumes link in the /vols directory.  So, when I did an ls on
/vols, I only saw volumes.  Kind of confusing, but I removed the vols link and
removed the /vols directory and relinked the two directories and now
everything look correct.

Thanks again,


I have my database volumes in the /volumes file system.  Now I created a
symbolic link from /volumes to /vols.

I created a symbolic link using this command: ln -s /volumes /vols     will
the link survive a reboot?

Also, after I created the symbolic link and do an ls /vols shouldn't I see
files in /volume?  I am seeing this:  volumes

When I do an ls -l /vols, I get: lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     other          8 Aug
1 08:32 volumes -> /volumes

Does this look right or did I get the source and target directories mixed up
when I created the link?  If so, how do I remove the link?  rm or rmdir


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