SUMMARY: block size and kbytes and also perl.

From: Konstantin Rozinov <>
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 22:33:13 EST

Mark Neill, Mike's List, Mark McManus, Chris Josephes, Brian Sherwood,
John Kastler, Dave Mitchell, & Darren Dunham.

Original Question #1:

if, for example, one of the perl packages on sol8 system takes up 9170
pkginfo -l SUNWpl5u
   STATUS:  completely installed
     FILES:    532 installed pathnames
                 4 shared pathnames
                 3 linked files
                63 directories
                33 executables
              9170 blocks used (approx)

and each block is 8192KBytes:
df -g:
/usr               (/dev/dsk/c0d0s4   ):         8192 block
size          1024 frag size

does that mean that this perl package takes up 75,120,640 bytes (75MB)?

Solution #1:

I got a few different (conflicting?) responses:
- The block sizing means it uses between (1*9170) bytes and (8192*9170)
- Blocksize is 512 bytes (0.5KB). <-- most people said this.
- Block sizes mean different things to different apps.  The block size
used by pkgadd is 1K.

I will have to try to research this a bit more.

Original Question #2:

Also, I read the sol2.x faq question 3.74:
3.74) I always install my own perl, can I remove the Sun installed one?

Sun is planning to build software that is tested against the version of
perl supplied with the OS.

The answer is NO, you cannot remove perl.

You can remove the /usr/bin/perl link, as Sun supplied software will
only depend on /usr/perl5/bin/perl being present.
If i remove all the standard perl packages and then make a link
(/usr/perl5/bin/perl) and link it to the new perl 5.6 binary will
everything still work?  I would like to remove the old perl that came
with sol8 because it apparently takes too much space?


Solution #2:

Do not remove the original perl5 packages because there are software
depenendecies with the libraries (versions) in those packages.  Just
follow the FAQ. :-)

Thank you once again,
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