SUMMARY: "Normal" temps for SunBlade 1000

From: Bob Rahe <>
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 11:53:20 EST
  Well, thanks to Jay Lessert and Larye Parkins for some good ideas.

  Larry did some rought calcs and came up with 70-80 being a decently
'normal' number.

  Jay kinda remembered (I do too) that there is some place where the
temp limits (alarm settings) can be seen but no luck on figuring out

  So since my box seems to run in the 78-80 degree C range with the fan
at 35% I've set my warm/hot points at 85/90.

Original question:


From: (Bob Rahe)
Subject: "Normal" temps for SunBlade 1000
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 15:55:00 EST

  I've had gettemp running on a number of systems here for a while.
Handy program, especially when you set it up to page on overtemps.

  I've recently replaced a U30 with a SunBlade 1000 and was wondering
what the 'normal' temp range is for one of these CPUs.  All my other
systems (E450's, E3500's and an E6500 all with 400MHz procs) seem to
run in the 30-40 degree C range.  The SunBlade is reporting in the
78-79 degree C range.  It's been that way for a while and I don't see
any molten silicon dripping out of it, and the fan speed for the CPU is
only reported as running at 36% so it must think it's a happy puppy,
altho a warm one.

  I'd like to set the warm/hot warning settings for it in the gettemp
code.  The values set for the systems I have now, which seem
reasonable, are 'warm' at 60 degrees C and 'hot' 5 degrees higher.  Any
idea what I should be setting for a SunBlade 1000 proc?

  I've done some searches on the site and in the patch
area with no luck.

  TIA, I'll summarize.


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