SUMMARY: Sun 280R swapping drives

From: Chad Hendry <>
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 17:21:43 EDT
My apologies for the late summary.  After I made the original post, another
person took over the testing based on the feedback from the list.  Here's
what they found.

The basic problem is that the fiber channel arbitrated loop on the 280R's
uses a WWN number which ties the drive to it's position.  So, the collective
wisdom was not to try to switch position.  If the primary drive is 0 and it
fails, then make 1 the boot drive.  Don't try to swap them.  It is possible
but not recommended.  You can then boot off of drive 1.

So what we have chosen to do is run the mirror script to mirror drive 0 to
drive 1.  Then at the time of failure, from the console, we do the

1.	During boot-up press the [STOP] and [A] buttons simultaneously.
2.	At the ok, OpenBoot Prompt (OBP), type printenv.
3.	This will print a long list of environment variables.  When the first
page stops scrolling, press the C key to see the rest of the variables.
4.	Look at the line saying boot-device.  If it says boot-device = disk0
disk1, then no change needs to be made.
5.	If the boot-device didnt say boot-device = disk 0 disk 1, then type
setenv boot-device disk0 disk1.  This will work regardless of whether both
drives are present or not.
6.	Type printenv and verify that the boot-device line was changed
7.	If so, type reset-all to save the change and reset the computer.

Setting the environment variable will allow it to reboot properly to disk 0
when the bad drive is replaced.  Of course you can manually control the boot
with Stop A by typing 'boot disk1' (without the ').

Sun infodoc 40133 has some official information.  See

The script we use for mirroring is from:

Thanks to:
John Malick
Andrew Stueve
Will Parsons
Octave Orgeron
Dave Weis
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