SUMMARY: U5 and Large IDE Disk

From: Matt Glaves <>
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 09:37:19 EST
The answer is:  Don't buy a Maxtor

I got quite a number of emails from people using Western Digital HDs >100gig
w/out error on U5/10s.  Most replies from Maxtor owners complained they were
unable to use >30 GB.  Before this Maxtor I had a 45gig WD drive and it
worked w/out error.

One requirement is the 108974-x patch which fixes some issues with large IDE

I have since moved to a 100gig WD drive and put the Maxtor in my desktop
machine :)

thanks a bunch,

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Subject: U5 and Large IDE Disk

I have an older U5 270 running Solaris 8.  I previously had a 40gig drive in
the workstation and have replaced it with a 120gig Maxtor.  The drive comes
up as 20gig in format, once I enter the drive info from Maxtor's site, it
comes up as 10gig.

The drive is a Maxtor 4G120J6.  Their page says it is 16,382 cyclinders,
16HDs, and 63 sectors.  I entered this into format and it comes up as 10gig.

Here is what format says out of the box:
 2     backup    wu       0 - 41605       20.00GB    (41606/0/0) 41938848

I had no idea if I could use all 120gigs of this drive, but my guess was
that it would be able to use somewhere between 80-100gig of it.

Any help would be great.

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