SUMMARY: Listing open files in a filesystem without 'lsof'.

From: Burtenshaw, Craig <>
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 17:27:13 EST

Thank you to everyone who responded to my problem and the winner is
Osama Ahmed, your solution worked.

He suggested using 'lockfs -h /mount-point', then 'umount /mount-point'.

Lockfs changes or reports on file system locks, the -h option puts a
hard-lock on the file system and would report
an error on every access and it cannot be unlocked, but can be umount'd.

I did find however that I needed to run 'fsck', over the disk as I
believe the above option was like a power cut to the disk.

Other suggestions throughout the course of this query were to use
'fuser', with the '-k, -c, and -u' options.
Also, using '/usr/proc/bin/pfiles <pid>', which is run on the /proc
directory and displays the files open to each process.

Thank you all again for your suggestions.


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