SUMMARY : boot-problem on E4000

From: <>
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 06:30:17 EST
A simple problem, has a simple solution.

The machine was in diag-mode, not in locked-mode.
It then tried to boot from diag-device, which was misconfigured.

Thanks a lot to :

Geoff Lane
Dirk Bvnning
Petri Kallberg
Julie Peers

Great work, guys


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From: Leiv Jarle Larsen
Sent: 11. desember 2002 10:32
Subject: boot-problem on E4000

I have a bizzare boot-problem on a E4000, running Solaris

When doing a 'boot' from OBP, the machine hangs.
Doing a 'boot disk', the machine boots fine.
Doing a 'boot mirror' the machine boots fine aswell.

I've tried making new devaliases, and new boot-device. Still same problem.
The OBP-version is 3.2.29

Anyone of you had this experience?

Will, of course summarize.

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