SUMMARY Sol 2.7/8 ssh 1.2.27 bind() overwrite symlinks

From: Andrew Harvey <>
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 04:03:37 EST
Thanks everyone for the info on this, 

The answer is get rid of ssh 1.2.27 sharpish! And the other CERT(s) I had missed 
are CERT's VU#945216,  CA-2001-35, their incident note IN-2001-12, etc. Which 
link to yet more. 
To paraphrase two of the answers also
   And to make thinks better for me a a /dev/random is available for Solaris 8 
(not for Solaris 7! or older) random patch: 112438-01 (Sparc) & 112439-01 (intel)
but you could cheat! by doing a
        cd /dev
        ln -s /var/adm/utmpx   urandom
        ln -s /var/adm/utmpx   random

Thanks to 
Andrew Stueve
Luc I. Suryo
David Foster

Who answered.

Andrew Harvey
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