SUMMARY: Visio-like program for Solaris

From: Jeff Kennedy <>
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 10:56:57 EST
Thanks to:

Dan Simoes		Bevan Broun
Greg Gallagher		Hendrik Visage
Michael Sullivan	Benjamin Kohler
John Martinez

2 suggestions were Dia ( ) and
Kivio from Koffice ( ).

Regrettably neither of these will read or save in Visio format, which is
really what I need.  Visio is pretty much a standard here and would be
very difficult to change.  Also, these other apps are not as
full-featured as Visio so I really can't even make a good argument
against it.  Chalk up another win for Microsoft I guess.



Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> Does anyone know of a Solaris program that works like Star Office for MS
> Office?  Something that will create diagrams and drawings and will save
> them in MS Visio format?
> Thanks.

Jeff Kennedy
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