SUMMARY: How to "specify next volume" with ufsrestore

From: Doug Floer <>
Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 17:50:02 EDT
Firstly, thanks to those of you who figured out that I meant ufsrestore
when I wrote ufsdump.  Of the five responses I got, four recommended
using "expect", the fifth suggested using the "ufsrestore -r" argument
but this only restores full filesystems.  I finally solved the problem
by being a little more patient than usual and using the originally
proposed syntax:

/bin/echo "1\nn\nn\n" | ufsrestore xf /dev/rmt/0 path/file

This is a slight variation of my original post with the addition of a
couple of "n" responses to the mode setting questions.  This worked all
along but I didn't wait for the process to finish assuming it was
failing!!  Thanks for all your help!

Original question:

We're trying to implement a spot check of a ufsdump tape.  We want to
restore a specific file each time and will know exactly where it is on
tape each time.  There will never be a situation when there is more than
one volume.  We want to have this script executed from cron in the
background without intervention but can't seem to get by the "Specify
next volume #" prompt.  Since we'll always specify volume 1, we thought
something like this would work:

# echo 1 | ufsrestore xvsf 4 /dev/rmt/0 path/file

Unfortunately, ufsrestore ignores stdin and waits for terminal
confirmation.  Manpage doesn't show an option to specify volume number
on the command line.  Does anyone know how to get around this?
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