[SUMMARY] SCSI DVD drive for Suns

From: David Foster <foster_at_dim.ucsd.edu>
Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 21:05:30 EDT
Needed a scsi DVD solution for our Ultra80.

A most useful link is:


I chose this solution which is an internal Pioneer A04 ATAPI drive ($380),
with a SCSI/ATAPI converter box made by ACARD Technology (ARS-2000UB $100):


This combination has worked flawlessly so far. 

The software solution is ProDVD from Jorg Schilling (the creator of

Need to define environment variable CDR_SECURITY to provide
key, so that this program will burn more than 1GB of data (comes
from README file). I did not need to hack ProDVD at all, as suggested
by my first link above, and apparently support for these kind of 
SCSI/ATAPI adapters has been added explicitly:


Other thoughts:

I have a DVD on a Netra 1125, P/N 592454-A
It is actually a Toshiba Model #SD-M1401
[NOTE: I don't believe the Toshiba supports burning CDs like the 
Pioneer A04 --Dave]
You ned to decide what you want to use the DVD write for. There are no less than
3 different standards, each with different compatabilities.
If you are simply interested in removeable data storage, then DVD-RAM would]
work. Hitachi makes a SCSI drive.
Then there is DVD-RW, which is another re-writeable standard, but should be
able to burn DVD-R which can probably be read by some of the newer DVD players.
DVD-RW format cannot be read by standard DVD players.
There is also DVD+RW, which has the distinction of being re-writeable AND
compatible with most newer DVD players. HP makes an ATAPI drive.
Note that each uses different media.
You might try searching www.pricewatch.com for drives meeting your criteria.

Thanks to:

Rainer Heilke
Jeremy Rodriguez
Russ Poffenberger

> Has anyone been able to find any SCSI DVD writers
> for use on their Sun workstations (eg. Ultra80)?
> Pioneer's A03/A04 models seem to be widely preferred,
> but they are ATAPI only. Pioneer's SCSI models seem to
> be readers only (eg. 305S/505S).
> I've searched other vendors and this list's archives,
> haven't come up with anything.
> Somebody must be burning DVDs on their Sun!
> Dave

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