Summary: Patchcluster with Installserver

From: Angelika Mann <>
Date: Mon Apr 15 2002 - 04:35:09 EDT
Thanks to all who replied

Pierre Zimermann
G.W. Cantello
J. Riddoch

Best hint, the winner is ;-)
G.W. Cantello:
Try looking into Web Flash.
You do one install and patch it. Then, make an archive / image of it.
(Flash Archive)
This archive can be used with jumpstart to "Flash" in the OS over the
network. It can be "very" fast. Say, 20 minutes for 100Mbit network 
using Sun Blade 100s. I notice the Ultra 5s we have loading slower.

Original message:
I am installing Netra X1 machines with an Installserver (SunBlade
The clients have to be patched with 8_Recommended, which takes 2 hours
through the installserver.
Does anybody know, if there is a possibility to "copy" a already patched
version with the installserver instead of launching a real patchadd
Thanks for any hints.

Thanks again
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