SUMMARY: Devices either missing or incorrect after boot -r

From: Andrew Harvey <>
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 17:37:18 EST
System: Ultra-4 E450 Solaris 2.8 JNI FCI-1063 (Tachyon) NetBackup 3.4.1

    Last week I updated the JNI driver from the 2.7 to the FCI-1063 driver with support for 2.8, and since then I have not been able
to see any of my drives using sgscan, and mt -f /dev/rmt/2cbn stat produces (No such device or address) 
Feb 19 19:24:28 ns0 avrd[277]: Fatal open error on DRIVE1 (device 0, /devices/pci@4,4000/fibre-channel@2/sg@5,0:raw), errno = 19 (No such device), DOWN'ing it

Actions I took after speaking to to you.

I'm at home and writing this from memory so there may be a few discrepancies but as I 
recall, this is now the situation.

[1] cd /dev/rmt && rm *
[2] rm /devices/pci@4,4000/fibre-channel@2/sg@7,0:raw
[3] vi /kernel/drv/sd.conf and comment out 3 lines similar to
name="sd" class="scsi" target=5 lun=0 wwpn="1234567891011A2";
name="sd" class="scsi" target=6 lun=0 wwpn="123456789101187";
name="sd" class="scsi" target=7 lun=0 wwpn="123456789101164"; 
[4] rm /kernel/drv/sg.conf
[5] rm /kernel/drv/st.conf
[6] rm_dev sg
[7] sg_install
[8] all -mt 15 -ml 1
[9] remove all but the dtf line and the dtf-data & hex number lines in st.conf
[10] add the new 0-6 8-15 st.conf entries to /kernel/drv/sd.conf
       (this file is now small and neat!)
[11] replace the sg links with the 0-6 8-15 in /etc/
[12] devfsadm && drvconfig && tapes 

        (i) sgscan now shows all 3 drives and the robot
        (ii) I think I remember /dev/rmt/2 is now simlinked to
        Anyhow, when I left the office around 8.30, all drives were accessible 
       there were no SCSI errors and one of my backup jobs was completed in 2.5 mins


Andrew Harvey
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