SUMMARY: lmgrd license manager produces error messages

From: Maccy <>
Date: Mon Jul 22 2002 - 07:56:58 EDT

Problem solved. Many thanks for all inputs.

I had :-

set rlim_fd_max=0x8000
set rlim_fd_cur=0x8000

In my /etc/system. 

"Or 32768. That breaks flexlm (it uses the kernel descriptor table size as
first argument to select instead of the compiled in size of the "fd_set").

You need to lower the limits or fix the flexlm startup script to run
it with lower limits.

(ulimit -n 1024 in the flexlm startup script)"

This was from Casper Dik, so an extra special thanks to him. I took the
two 'set' lines out of my /etc/system, rebooted, and we can now compile
again :-)

------original message-----------

I'm running an E250 (1152MB RAM) with latest recommended patch cluster.

Brief notes of our problem follow......

lmgrd license manager produces error messages in log every second and
fails to work. When recommended cluster patches are applied something at
the system level changes. The log files contains many errors a la the
following :-

11:38:14 (lmgrd) INTERNAL ERROR in the UNIX select() call
11:38:14 (lmgrd) Please report the following information to your vendor:
11:38:14 (lmgrd) Invalid argument: select, select_mask: 1,last_select_mask: 0 (ready mask: 1)

O/S was reinstalled on this system April 17th. Don't really want to have
to do it again! Latest recommended patch cluster available on Sunsolve UK
website was applied on July 16th. Problem was first noticed after
a reboot that afternoon.
Patches were backed out using patchrm commands in a script written by
myself. Not all patches were backed out properly.
I then backed out ALL patches remaining by using the 'backoutpatch' script
in each remaining patch directory. 
System was rebooted - same result. At this stage no patches were on the

Reapplied all patches in the recommended cluster. System rebooted, problem

What software is having the problem?:
lmgrd license manager and flexlm is name of product. version 6.1.

Can anybody shed some light? Input much appreciated.

Mark Mahabir
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