Sunmanagers-summaries By Author

AuthorSubject Date
a a
 SUMMARY: telnet problem10 May 2001
aaron gabrielson
 Update: hme only working with MII ??28 Aug 2001
 Summary ( Solstice AdminSuite for sol 2.7 )30 Apr 2001
Abraham, Suraj
 Summary : Help with Jumpstart Solaris 821 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Help with Jumpstart Soalris 819 Mar 2001
Abu Ihsan
 SUMMARY : volume manager12 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY : hme auto-nego messages14 Jan 2001
 Followup : The Kernel Source and Solaris 8 Free/Binary License24 May 2001
Adam and Christine Levin
 SUMMARY: Re: Quick multi-platform question07 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY Re: weird Sun Blade 100 lockup problem01 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Re: Quick question24 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Re: Sun Blade connections (USB, PS2, etc)12 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Re: Netra X1 jumpstart03 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY Re: Gigabit ethernet drivers for Sol815 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Re: RAID manager and Solaris 826 Apr 2001
Adam Bentley
 SUMMARY: NetApp File servers / Solaris 2.6 / Oracle 8i18 Apr 2001
Adam Bisbe
 SUMMARY: Stack Underflow on a 45002 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Group entry exceeds 512 char: /etc/group29 Oct 2001
 More on Fwd: Disaster Recovery Issue: Rebuilding a system on different hardware from Tape25 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: variable for cron environment20 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: route on a alternative network15 Aug 2001
Adam Kirby
 SUMMARY: Disabling CDE18 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: External Seagate HD on SS2031 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Scripts for clearing out /tmp25 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Scripts for clearing out /tmp24 May 2001
 SUMMARY: E10000 Customised Jumpstart from SSP22 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: appending cron jobs during jumpstart07 May 2001
 SUMMARY: default shells in sun os 803 Oct 2001
Admin, AME
 Crontab error:Summary29 May 2001
Adrian Nida
 SUMMARY: What's wrong with my network card? (Update)23 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: What's wrong with my network card?22 Aug 2001
adrian saidac
 SUN E450 processors problem - SUMMARY21 Aug 2001
Adrian Stovall
 SUMMARY: dhcp and dns resolution (ping, netscape, etc.) on Solari s 2.803 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: redirecting top output...27 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: scripted telnet question...03 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: trouble with 36 GB disk...28 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY:Re: Xlib:connection to "ipaddress" refused by server21 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: RE: E420 keeps booting net NOT from disk20 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY:Re: no warning banner when entering cde login03 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: RE:mounting a disk error20 Jul 2001
 Summary:What to do with May 2001
 SUMMARY2: Why is NTPDATE reporting these messages?09 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Why is NTPDATE reporting these messages?09 May 2001
 SUMMARY: pkgadd gcc for Solaris 807 May 2001
Ahmed, Nabeel
 [SUMMARY] RE: Masquerading Domain Name14 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY Recovering disk space19 Jul 2001
 [SUMMARY] RE: Question on Packages29 Jun 2001
 [SUMMARY]RE: Printing Problem13 Jun 2001
 [SUMMARY] Upgrade from 32bit to 64bit with VXVM3.0.4 encapsulated Disks06 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY Swapping Hostnames and IP addresses11 May 2001
 SUMMARY RE: Core Dump08 May 2001
 [SUMMARY] Checking raw sysbase file system05 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY RE: Forte License and Installation14 Feb 2001
 [SUMMARY] CDROM Mounting on a remote system15 Jan 2001
Alan Clegg
 SUmmary: Network slows to a crawl between Solaris 2.7 and FreeBSD26 Nov 2001
Alan Kong
 Summary: Problem - Disk copy using ufsdump/ufsrestore15 Oct 2001
 Summary: Change Time Zone11 Jun 2001
 Summary: Suspected Break-in trial22 Apr 2001
Alan Miller
 SUMMARY: DHCP Macros for Jumpstart22 Nov 2001
Alan Orndorff
 Summary: DVD-RAM and hard links12 Jun 2001
 Summary Followup FTP Pass through18 Mar 2001
 Summary: Ftp Passthrough18 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY Pass through Ftp17 Mar 2001
 Summary: Axil 32008 Jan 2001
Alan Thew
 SUMMARY: Disk Suite on Solaris 8 (intel)?14 May 2001
Alba, Christian [NCSSG NON J&J]
 SUMMARY : xntpd messages.06 Dec 2001
 [SUMMARY]: /var/spool/mqueue04 Dec 2001
 [SUMMARY]: patchdiag tool28 Nov 2001
Alejandro Vega
 SUMMARY : Solaris 8, Volume Manager 3.0.4 and Compaq Array MA80019 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Account problem18 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Jet Direct Problem26 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: X5237a and 300020 Jul 2001
Aleksandr Stolyar
 SUMMARY: Modem on Netra X105 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Remote loghost setup17 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Interesting script problem04 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Apache+mod_ssl vs Apache+SSL29 Oct 2001
Alex C.
 SUMMARY: Add Sun SBE/S SBus SCSI/Ethernet card & 'boot -r'?06 Feb 2001
Alex Dreyer
 SUMMARY: Down-Level Patches06 Jun 2001
Alex Pleszko
 SUMMARY: Getting print screens at Solaris 8 installation02 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: catopen() function error20 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Limiting number of the same user logins11 Jan 2001
Alex Z.
 [SUMMARY]: SPARCstorage Array Model 100: How to remove disk trays?14 Jan 2001
Alex Zonov
 SUMMARY: U10 recognized 31Gb only31 Aug 2001
Alexander reaper
 SUMMARY: Netra T1 Installation with Installserver, Problems boot net - install12 Jun 2001
Alexandre Perematko
 SUMMARY: swap usage.18 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris vs. Linux28 Aug 2001
 Summary update: Swap use.20 Feb 2001
 Summary Update: Swap use.20 Feb 2001
 Summary: Swap use.14 Feb 2001
Ali Almutawa
 SUMMARY : ufsdump over the net04 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY : How can I share other server CDROM drive24 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY : installing a new hard disk14 Nov 2001
Allan West
 SUMMARY: SunRay help05 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: GIMP on multi-user systems02 May 2001
 SUMMARY: which Netra serial number26 Mar 2001
Anatoly Shein
 SUMMARY: Soft Partitions with Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.124 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: SS10 Troubles18 Apr 2001
Andre Galvani
 SUMMARY: NFS tuning11 Jul 2001
Andre R. Kruger
 Summary: Disappearing Files .... it's a nasty one.29 Mar 2001
 [SUMMARY} Strange Network Problem.22 Jan 2001
Andreas Priebe
 SUMMARY: Non-deterministic behaviour on Ultra SPARC12 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Problem with EasyRAID on E45025 May 2001
Andrew Ambrose
 Summary:script that will delete old files after X numbers of days06 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY RE: Autoloader27 Apr 2001
 Summary:FW: Power save...08 Mar 2001
Andrew Diederich
 SUMMARY: Netra T1/X1 won't initialize NIC on install21 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Ultra 10 no longer finding boot device (harddrive)16 Jul 2001
 2nd Follow on SUMMARY: Limit of # of subdirectories or files (Sol aris 8)17 Apr 2001
 Follow on Summary: Limit of # of subdirectories or files (Solaris 8)17 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Limit of # of subdirectories or files (Solaris 8)17 Apr 2001
Andrew Greer
 SUMMARY: Mail and Calendar servers19 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: NetApp Filers and Sybase24 Jun 2001
Andrew J Caines
 SUMMARY: dd block sizes for I/O over ssh tunnel across 100BaseT ethernet20 Nov 2001
Andrew Watkins
 summary: Different RPM disks in a E45002 Mar 2001
Andrew Yauhwa Wu
 Summary: Ultra 5 Harddisk Question23 Sep 2001
Andy Bach
 SUMMARY: /etc/mnttab and patch28 Dec 2001
Andy Chandler
 SUMMARY: Power Mgt disabled -- but server still shuts down02 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY (sort of): Cannot assign requested address27 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: disk board on E4500 disabled24 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Removing hot-swappable drives in E450 (Solaris 8)05 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: in.pop3d disconnects on bad reverse DNS01 Mar 2001
Angel L. Mateo
 SUMMARY: video resolution30 May 2001
Angel Ortiz
 SUMMARY: Mount NTFS from Solaris 2.5.104 Oct 2001
Angel R. Rivera
 Summary: IPV6 and Jumpstart's sysidcfg file.30 Mar 2001
Anil Sreedharan
 Summary: SGI IRix mailing list16 Nov 2001
 Summary: service light on in a E4000 disk board15 Nov 2001
 Summary : Cross platform data acces WIN2K SOLARIS IRIX29 Oct 2001
 Summary: Sparc storage array (RSM 2000 ) raid suggestions needed18 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Backup label not found, unable to label disk05 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Backup label not found, unable to label disk05 Oct 2001
Anthony DeStefano
 [SUMMARY] automount and NIS problems26 Aug 2001
 Summary: 10 digit unix time stamp17 Jul 2001
 Summary: Sun patch checking tool12 Jul 2001
 summary: Re: /usr/bin/ls & ls giving different results02 Jul 2001
 summary: Re: /usr/bin/ls & ls giving different results29 Jun 2001
 Summary: SUN EXPLORER - where to download?15 Feb 2001
 Summary: weird boot problem08 Feb 2001
 summary: Weird cron/date functions - Solaris 717 Jan 2001
Anwar Saadeh
 Summary: Customizing Desktop23 May 2001
Artur Shnayder
 Summary: ypserv problems on Solaris 7.12 Mar 2001
Ath Kar
 Summary.....: System Logging.....05 Sep 2001
Atharva Karnik
 Summary: Partition's Size for Sol-2.720 Jun 2001
Atul Gore
 SUMMARY: NetBackup VS Backup Exec06 Nov 2001
Austin, Annie
 SUMMARY: Discerning amount of CPU time used by user...20 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: Defining size of striped metadevice - Solstice Disk Suit e16 Feb 2001
Auteria Wally Winzer Jr.
 SUMMARY: E220R reset problems27 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: RESEND: monitor /var/adm/pacct continuosly w/ acctcom18 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Setting permisisons on directory20 Jun 2001
Awaneesh Mishra
 Partial Summary (System Performance!!!!)09 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: permissions on /devices/pseudo/23 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Help: Some how have lost /usr/lib/ (fwd)04 May 2001
Balaji Raghavan
 Summary ofPatrol Startup Script problem14 May 2001
 Summary of Linking a Startup/Shutdown Script20 Apr 2001
Barry Deevey
 SUMMARY: OT: awk question13 Dec 2001
Barry Gamblin
 SUMMARY: Ultra 10 panic11 Jun 2001
Basavaraj Kerur H
 Summary:syslogd not logging messages.15 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Jumper for Firmware upgrade on Ultra5's19 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: E450 (Solaris 2.6) hangs on "init 6"22 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Running devlinks02 Feb 2001
bbb bb
 SUMMARY: [Q] how long should I clean the DLT tape driver?30 Nov 2001
beginer unix
 SUMMARY: vmstat and top interpretation, performance issues21 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Help regarding swap....02 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: oracle parallel server13 Jun 2001
Ben Rockwood
 SUMMERY: Network Throughput Tools [Was: (no subject)]29 May 2001
 Summery: Oracle 8.1.6 and QuickIO01 Apr 2001
Benoit Audet
 SUMMARY: File permissions under a particular directory19 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Using filenames with spaces in Korn Shell30 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Failed to make directory; No such device or address12 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: telnetd problem...25 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Cache memory on SPARC machines19 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Boot problem on a SPARCstation 501 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 2.7, A1000 and Raid Manager 6.1.105 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Swap Space Allocations - How much is enough?23 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: rsh timeout29 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Sun Monitors and Graphics Cards03 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: rsh, hosts.equiv and .rhosts11 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Solstice Backup 5.129 Mar 2001
Bernd Rehling
 SUMMARY: /dev/null with wrong owner/group/attribute on Solaris 809 Feb 2001
Bernt Christandl
 SUMMARY: installed patches disappeared11 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: How to boot from external CD-Rom-drive?26 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: how to ftp in passive mode?27 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: unclosable CD-drive23 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Distributed Filesystems12 Jan 2001
Betul Yar
 SUMMARY: OS level info - telnet banner06 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY:How to disable autoshutdown on Solaris 2.629 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY:Disable RIP services17 Aug 2001
Bevan Broun
 SUMMARY: Urgent help for panicing E420, followup questions too.05 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: change name of yp (not nis+) domain - only one server.18 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: SunRay1 workstation freezing up20 Feb 2001
Biagio De Giovanni
 SUMMARY: SIMS - lost administrator password14 Aug 2001
Bill Adams
 SUMMARY: Gigabit crashes 45004 Dec 2001
Bill Armand
 Summary: EMC Mailing List12 Feb 2001
Bill Bradford
 SUMMARY: Problem with AXi system and RAM04 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Disksuite metatool problems06 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Netra T1 Console Cable Pinout24 Apr 2001
Bill Fay
 SUMMARY: Can't ftp25 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Can't ftp25 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY 2:follow up to forcing full duplex on-line27 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: forcing full duplex26 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY:mount root partition while booted off of cdrom06 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: on-line eeprom chane01 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY:OS Loading01 May 2001
 SUMMARY: ip change on the fly with ifconfig02 Mar 2001
Bill Fenwick
 SUMMARY SunSAI/P board (this is embarrassing)08 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY Dual Ethernet fail-over?25 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Ultra 5 Hardware question09 May 2001
Bjoernstad, Asbjoern
 UPDATE: Files in fs cache gets corrupted.07 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Restoring NVram on a 220R19 Jan 2001
Blaes, Rainer
 SUMMARY: Sun's DHCP Server under Solaris 2.630 May 2001
Blair Rampling
 SUMMARY: HP Surestore 4/40 and Solaris 814 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Automated package installation12 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Syslogd - separating logs based on source IP07 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart with Disksuite Mirroring05 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart with Disksuite Mirroring31 Aug 2001
Blake Roberts
 [SUMMARY] CDROM Mounting error16 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: Minimum required packages for DiskSuite24 Feb 2001
blue wright
 SUMMARY : Cyrus IMAP, SASL and Solaris ?15 Aug 2001
 RE-SUMMARY: Solaris patch monitor10 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris patch monitor10 Jul 2001
Bob Brown
 SUMMARY: solaris 2.8 & lp05 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: FTP not working?02 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: panic16 Feb 2001
Bob Kryger
 SUMMARY: domainname29 Nov 2001
Bob Rahe
 SUMMARY: Proctool and Solaris 819 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Proctool and Solaris 819 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Banner pages on remote printers (workaround)28 Mar 2001
Bobby Ramirez
 SUMMARY: sending mail to a nextel motorola phone.05 Dec 2001
 Summary: Video card for an E6500 and an E4500 running Oracle Repo rts Server17 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY - Any successfull installs of Solaris for Intel on Dell P Cs?24 May 2001
 SUMMARY: connecting an EMC Symmetrics to a SUN 4500 and 420r server24 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Determining when Solaris 7 was installed?05 Apr 2001
Bolt, Matt
 SUMMARY:Hard Disk slot restrictions on A520020 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: FTP hanging after "get"10 Sep 2001
Bond, Ryan
 SUMMARY: SunCluster 3.020 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Running Perfmeter25 Oct 2001
Borja Marcos
 SUMMARY: TWO Netra T1 AC200 unable to boot. Don't see the SCSI bus or network interface27 Dec 2001
 FOLLOWUP: TWO Netra T1 AC200 unable to boot. Fixed but nonsense26 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: FC-100P fiberchannel card and Enterprise 420R03 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Unreliable Netra X107 Nov 2001
Brendan Fay
 SUMMARY: suninstall ignores profile on Jumpstart Server22 Mar 2001
Brenden McEwan
 SUMMARY: after reboot - open terminal question19 Oct 2001
Brett Lymn
 SUMMARY: problems with NIS+ clients losing their master07 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: problems with disks claiming they are full16 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: putting 2.5.1 on an E220R18 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY mk II: making a customised bootable solaris cdrom26 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY mk II: making a customised bootable solaris cdrom26 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: making a customised bootable solaris cdrom26 Mar 2001
Brett Thorson
 SUMMARY (No Answers) Solaris Networking (Application Layer Snooping?)10 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: xntpd behavior with network failure21 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: DHCP Timeouts... Controlable?21 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY (Not Really) : Error & XSun / Intel options15 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris & Intel 81013 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: A DHCP server on a DHCP Client (Sun never tested this)08 May 2001
 SUMMARY (But not solved): Daylight savings, and how to control it26 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Network Card Increment / Counter ... Curiosity24 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Xwindows (Xsun) without a mouse24 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: DHCP, 2 network cards, Solaris24 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: SMC Cards on Solaris24 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Intel 810 video Drivers19 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY Part 2: Solaris 8 | xfree86 | Intel 810 Video Drivers20 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: DHCP Error binding to UDP receive socket19 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: DHCP Failure19 Feb 2001
Brian Hostetler
 SUMMARY: patch clusters with Jumpstart02 Feb 2001
Brian Landers
 SUMMARY: Native UFS logging with a DiskSuite mirror08 May 2001
Briscoe Kristopher-P95013
 Summary: System keeps panicing12 Jan 2001
Brooke King
 SUMMARY II: tcpd (tcp wrapper) logging less than seems right16 May 2001
 SUMMARY: tcpd (tcp wrapper) logging less than seems right16 May 2001
 SUMMARY: 32-bit PCI 10/100 baseT ethernet16 Feb 2001
Broun, Bevan
 SUMMARY: copy partition table with dd?24 Oct 2001
Brown, Melissa
 SUMMARY: BIND and Solaris 2.630 Jan 2001
Bruce Perttunen
 Summary : Mirroring Disk Drives04 Jan 2001
C, Guruprasad
 Summary : To Find netra information17 Oct 2001
c_cipan c_cipan
 SUMARRY: Ultra 5 can't detect 2X20G hdisk on OS mode02 Oct 2001
Caparroso, Nelson T.
 Addendum to Summary: Dowloadable Solaris Images - Is it the full version?31 Dec 2001
 Summary: Dowloadable Solaris Images - Is it the full version?31 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Break Signal from HyperTerm - VT10027 Dec 2001
Caparrosso, Nelson T.
 SUMMARY: ufsrestore of OS dump on a different server15 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Undocumented Solaris Kernel e-cache tunables27 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Ultra Enterprise 214 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Max swap partition Size that can be mirrored by Disksuit e08 Aug 2001
 Summary: DLT7000 Configuration (st.conf) and mt stat Behaviour in Solaris 8.024 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY:DR - Bring BootDisk from UExx00 to E10K Domain11 Jul 2001
 Summary: Off Topic: Who Should Own/Have Responsibility for SAN's?13 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY : Yet another E10K Problem -- CB0's Power Situation Remai ns RED06 Jun 2001
 Solaris 8 Application Compatibilty Summary11 May 2001
 Summary: 64-bit Environments Will they matter?09 Feb 2001
 Summary: E10K - Domain Multi-OS Version, Need for Domain_Recreate with Proper OS Version?09 Feb 2001
 Summary: Solaris 8 Apps Compatibility09 Feb 2001
 Summary: TCP/IP over FC Network (JNI's + Brocade)09 Feb 2001
 Summary: IDN on Solaris 2.6?09 Feb 2001
 Summary: Graphing Tool for Solaris09 Feb 2001
 Summary: NTP, Different Domain Times on an E10K09 Feb 2001
 Summary: Large File Question24 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY I: E10K Private Network Requirement11 Jan 2001
Carl Ma
 SUMMARY: disksuite 4.2.116 Nov 2001
 summary:curious question about find03 Nov 2001
Carlo Antoniotti
 SUMMARY: Enterprise 450 goes down when the network switch goes down04 Sep 2001
Carolyn Mayr
 SUMMARY: Re: Ultra1 (Java2SDK1.3.1)16 Jul 2001
Carsten B. Knudsen
 SUMMARY #2 (late): Ultra-60 and non-Sun system disk misbehaviour17 Jan 2001
Cassell, Damon
 Summary: Solaris 8, st.conf & DLT tape drives.29 Mar 2001
 [SUMMARY]: Restricted Shell Access13 Mar 2001
Cawley,Stephen F.
 [SUMMARY] /etc/hostname.eri028 Dec 2001
Chad Campbell
 SUMMARY: process entered stop state07 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: security stuff11 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Veritas root disk group import17 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: inactive users not being kicked off01 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: /dev/rmt link assignment25 Jun 2001
Chan C
 SUMMARY: Booting Sol 8 CD in Single User Mode25 Sep 2001
 Morning check - summary10 Oct 2001
 Firewall-summary01 Oct 2001
 Firewall-summary27 Sep 2001
Charles Bookman
 SUMMARY: Two subnets with trunking attached.30 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: corrupt /etc/passwd, /etc/group13 May 2001
 Summary: no subject31 Aug 2001
Chawla Girish-WGC002C
 SUMMARY:Cannot create home directory for any user19 Feb 2001
Cheney, Sean
 FW: SUMMARY: route delete problem19 Dec 2001
Chi, Xiaochen
 Summary: A question about sendmail configuration10 Dec 2001
Chris Heathcote
 SUMMARY: Blank monitor22 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Strange su problem19 Apr 2001
Chris Hoogendyk
 Pre-summary: Full Recovery from Backup Software14 Dec 2001
Chris Marble
 SUMMARY: Upgrading CPUs in an Ultra 209 Feb 2001
Chris McAvoy
 SUMMARY: xml::parser on solaris 831 Jul 2001
Christian Iseli
 SUMMARY: difference between touch /reconfigure and boot -r13 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Lost hostid and MAC address21 May 2001
 SUMMARY: 20 GB IDE drive in Ultra 10, part 211 Apr 2001
 Summary: 20 GB IDE drive in Ultra 1010 Apr 2001
Christiansen, Valor
 Summary: NFS Client Hangs on NFS Server down10 May 2001
Christina Dunlop
 SUMMARY:Netra t1 AC200 boot up problem04 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY:Solaris8 and DiskSuite01 Aug 2001
Christophe Dupre
 SUMMARY: Solstice Autoclient ?29 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Bind chroot()ed ?13 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: NFS: TCP vs UDP09 May 2001
 SUMMARY: NFS umount problem, Solaris 703 Apr 2001
 FOLLOW-UP: Bind chroot()ed ?07 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Routing problem06 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: E3500 with multiple NIC (fwd)06 Feb 2001
Christopher Ciborowski
 SUMMARY: VMSA server terminated error17 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: IP multipathing and Oracle, apache14 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Max size drive in Ultra 1 (2 sbus and 3 sbus slots)08 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Upgrade of E45022 May 2001
 UPDATE: Upgrade of E45022 May 2001
 SUMMARY: NIS/NIS+ on multiple subnets19 Apr 2001
Christopher L. Barnard
 SUMMARY: mailx doing strange things on a 2.5.1 machine09 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: sendmail-on-sun question07 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: printing under Solaris 7; printtool29 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: creating a package11 Jan 2001
Christopher Smith
 SUMMARY: Checking CPU Rev Levels20 Dec 2001
Cian O'Sullivan
 SUMMARY: Idle logout time for Solaris 8.08 Oct 2001
 Summary06 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY E4500 Crashing.02 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: ufsdump Archive list.08 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Network trouble seen with Netscape (4.7x)12 Apr 2001
CIC Line
 SUMMARY: Is it safe to delete obsolete patches ?21 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: inetd -t does not work20 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris, VPN and WAN - Supplemental04 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris, VPN and WAN03 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Non-Internet db.cache file - BIND 9 under Solaris03 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Mounting Solaris UFS from Windows - Samba28 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris Patchadd Problem09 Nov 2001
Clift Robert T CONT DLVA
 SUMMARY: df -k05 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: rsh, rcmd28 Jun 2001
comp question
 SUMMARY:Sr. UNIX admin??12 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY:Checking NIS maps against DNS05 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY:Checking NIS maps against DNS05 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY:Need help accessing a directory13 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY:Need help accessing a directory12 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY:Interview questions for a sysadmin30 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY:Interview questions for a sysadmin29 Aug 2001
 Summary:How to use Cdrecord23 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Help with CD-RW for Solaris20 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY:How to free up a port??07 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY:Need Help Setting Cron Job17 Jul 2001
 Summary:ODS and RAID 513 May 2001
Conner McCleod
 SUMMARY: Solaris 2.8 and gcc-2.95.211 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 2.8 more than 8 slices HOW TO?11 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: VxFS failed to grow with largefiles anabled17 May 2001
 SUMMARY: replication of data using vxdump/ufsdump11 May 2001
 SUMMARY: End to End Hardware Encryption07 May 2001
 SUMMARY: replicating disks on Network using ufsdump06 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: (Late summary) basic ksh script06 Feb 2001
Connolly, Michael
 SUMMARY: OBP update Ultra 1 170 (E)??23 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: wierd ufsrestore message07 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Interpreting PROM level22 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY supplement: strange partition table08 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: strange partiton table07 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: Printer problem02 Jan 2001
Convey, Simon
 Summary- How to find a faulty processor.....21 Sep 2001
Coombes, Lorraine
 SUMMARY of 'Sizes of filesystems compared to the size specified i n format....'29 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: bootable A3500 disk13 Dec 2001
Curt Glidden
 SUMMARY:dev=# option shown by the mount command. (solaris 8)05 Jan 2001
Damon LaCaille
 SUMMARY: vxio process not running25 Apr 2001
Dan Barnes
 SUMMARY: Ultra Sparc 10 serial port question13 Dec 2001
Dan Lee
 Summary: Boot server link down on 2.610 Dec 2001
 Summary: Jumpstart pauses21 Nov 2001
 Summary: Recover root password on Intel16 Oct 2001
 Summary: logrotate library error05 Jul 2001
Dan Penrod
 Summary: Best Backup Software for Solaris and Multi-Platform...02 Jan 2001
Dana Lone Hill
 SUMMARY:Using a PC to access a Sun15 Jun 2001
Daniel Baldoni
 SUMMARY: Ultra10 not seeing CD-ROM14 May 2001
 SUMMARY: BIND 9.0.1 not NOTIFYing slave22 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: BIND9 (query source dispatcher) failure18 Jan 2001
Daniel David Benson
 SUMMARY: GCC 64bit amd various packages05 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: E420 Redundant Power Supplies19 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY AGAIN: OS Package Descriptions19 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: OS Package Descriptions19 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 7 and Netra T1 AC20009 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Network Port to Process ID19 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart and Power Management questions03 Jan 2001
Daniel Feenberg
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 upgrade problems10 May 2001
Daniel Lee
 Summary: Remove files01 Jun 2001
 Summary: awk question II22 May 2001
 Summary: awk question22 May 2001
 SUMMARY: scp: not found09 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Openssh library errors03 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Recordable CD-Rom Drive03 May 2001
 Summary: x86 GUI10 Apr 2001
 Summary: x86 wheel mouse06 Apr 2001
 Summary: System parameter for iPlanet13 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Dual jumpstart05 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart stop at Name Services05 Jan 2001
Daniel Lorenzini
 SUMMARY: domainname gives correct answer but returns status code 913 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: nfssrv: WARNING: nfsauth: mountd not responding02 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Maximum number of X clients10 Sep 2001
Daniel Luechtefeld
 Summary: hme driver package?18 Aug 2001
Daniel Nguyen
 SUMMARY II: sd.conf22 May 2001
 SUMMARY: sd.conf17 May 2001
 SUMMARY: console frame buffer09 May 2001
Daniel Tate
 SUMMARY: OT:Need Irix Info11 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Inverse/White on Black Sun Console29 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: GBIC Modules10 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Booting 32 bit solaris 8 - Part Deux24 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Booting solaris in 32-bit mode23 Apr 2001
Daniel Wirth
 SUMMARY: [OFFTOPIC] Exceed XDM login thru FW02 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY II: xdm-login without Framebuffer?15 Mar 2001
 Summary: xdm-login without Framebuffer?14 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 IP Multipathing with more than one IP20 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: sys-unconfig10 Oct 2001
Darren Dunham
 SUMMARY: How to properly set nvramrc for initiator change?29 Aug 2001
Darren Honeyball
 SUMMARY: E10K SSP v3.4 Failover13 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: E10K cvc error...10 Sep 2001
Darryl Pace
 SUMMARY: dtlogin question17 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Netscape 613 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: swap questions07 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: in.dhcpd problem01 Nov 2001
Darvin Pope
 re-SUMMARY: DIY DLT Labels01 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: DIY DLT Bar Code Labels30 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: DIY DLT Bar Code Labels30 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Gigabit Performance24 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Does RAM Placement matter in a 450?03 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: crontab update in rdist07 Sep 2001
Daryl Mitchell
 SUMMARY: Disksuite 4.2.1 and rpc daemons?12 Oct 2001
Dave Baldwin
 [SUMMARY} jumpstart06 Sep 2001
Dave Landsiedel
 Summary for Solaris 7 - fsck16 Aug 2001
Dave Warchol
 SUMMARY: Mounting Solaris 8 UFS from Windows28 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: SUNExplorer and NT [un]Tar14 Nov 2001
Dave Wickard
 SUMMARY: 24inch monitor on a Creator3D Ultra202 May 2001
 patchadd Preview only [SUMMARY]12 Nov 2001
 Summary: Mutt? and Merging a text file with a pdf or postscript file08 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Backup software06 Aug 2001
 FOLLOW-UP: Hacked?13 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Sun and Apple26 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Adaptec 2940 on Ultra 510 May 2001
 SUMMARY: X login problem18 Apr 2001
David Baldwin
 Summary: errors with Flash_install10 Dec 2001
 Summary: Concord nethealth on solaris 703 Dec 2001
 Summary: IP Multipathing15 Nov 2001
 Summary: ssh-agent problem08 Nov 2001
 Summary: Solaris DNS vs. Windows DNS01 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: "HSRPlike" solaris setup29 Oct 2001
 Partial Summary: "HSRPlike" solaris setup29 Oct 2001
 [SUMMARY] Script for changing file names16 Oct 2001
 [SUMMARY] Printing simple ascii files09 Oct 2001
 [SUMMARY]RE: sendmail22 Aug 2001
David Foster
 [SUMMARY] Linux on Sun Sparc hardware29 Nov 2001
 [SUMMARY] Problems with implementation of DHCP not supplying router29 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart with Gigabit Ethernet (ARP/RARP Timeout)09 Nov 2001
 [SUMMARY] Pointers to storage technologies (SAN / NAS)15 Oct 2001
 [SUMMARY] Problems logging out in CDE (Sun Ray clients)03 Oct 2001
 [SUMMARY] Patches for rpc.yppaswdd vulnerability finally available03 Oct 2001
 [SUMMARY] Bug/fix in OpenSSH 2.9.9p227 Sep 2001
 [SUMMARY] Getting RSYNC to transfer .* files25 Sep 2001
 [SUMMARY] PEX graphics extensions available for Solaris20 Aug 2001
 [SUMMARY (sort-of)] Error from "Desktop Controls" in CDE17 May 2001
 [SUMMARY] OpenSSH 2.5.2p2: Disconnecting: Bad packet length30 Mar 2001
 [SUMMARY] ufsrestore: xtrmap: too many map entries [ufsdump, patch 109091]23 Mar 2001
 [SUMMARY] sshd: Not enough entropy in RNG (OpenSSH)16 Mar 2001
 [SUMMARY] Where to get RSAREF for OpenSSL (for OpenSSH) <zlib random rsa>23 Jan 2001
 [SUMMARY] Question about interface hme0:1 (virtual interface)18 Jan 2001
David Glosser
 SUMMARY: L1800 Robot & E25001 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 64-bit Package confusion14 May 2001
David Henderson
 SUMMARY:Sparc Storage Array09 Jul 2001
David Knight
 Summary: ufsdump changing volumes on pipe input01 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY mutex_error06 Jul 2001
David L. Markowitz
 SUMMARY: Ultra 30 CPU and Creator 3D questions26 Feb 2001
David Markowitz
 SUMMARY: rcp through NAT server28 Feb 2001
David Price
 SUMMARY - A1000 Firmware Upgrade15 Feb 2001
David Stern
 SUMMARY: solaris on laptop - network card05 Jul 2001
 Summary:tape backup solutions04 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY:multiple dialin lines?09 May 2001
 SUMMARY: hp8000 printer - ledger tray18 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Network calendar29 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: SunOs 4.1.4 recovery15 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY:laptop running solaris wm - mouse buttons20 Feb 2001
 Summary: Showrev problem (bug ID 4466292)14 Nov 2001
Davide Tonelli
 SUMMARY: Power loss during kernel update27 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Recommended cluster patch for Solaris 7 renders the CDROM to be not mountable10 Feb 2001
Debbie Tropiano
 SUMMARY: Problems compiling on Sparc III and running on Sparc II23 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 and CD-RW questions (and others)08 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Sun Netra's dual ethernet interfaces and failover capability02 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Netra T1 hung LOM23 Aug 2001
Deborah Santomauro
 SUMMARY: flashPROM question18 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: flashPROM question17 Dec 2001
Deependra Srivastava
 SUMMARY ! How to Identify Disk IDs !!09 May 2001
Dennis Martens
 SUMMARY: Hardware specs for E200002 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: sun hardware specs wanted01 Mar 2001
Derrick D. Daugherty
 SUMMARY: LUN limitations with FC26 Jan 2001
Derrick Lim
 Summary: PPP gateway on Solaris 802 Aug 2001
Destry Miller
 SUMMARY: kvm_open error with lsof24 Apr 2001
Destry Miller/SF
 SUMMARY: Redirecting Console Error Messages to file15 Nov 2001
Detlev Habicht
 SUMMARY: imap and home directorys25 Jan 2001
Devin L. Ganger
 SUMMARY: printers.conf.byname on Solaris 2.5.127 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: An 8k discrepancy with cp and du -k07 Mar 2001
 Summary: Solaris 8; SPARC5 & 4.2GB Hard Drive15 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: Looking for a good Solaris 8 package reference24 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Unix 'mail' command12 Jul 2001
Dhotre, Shekhar
 summary : copy file from DOS to Solaris .09 Oct 2001
Dieter Gobbers
 SUMMARY: mistirious login problem25 Oct 2001
 Summary: cron audit problme28 Feb 2001
 SUmmary: SunScreen 3.1 Lite07 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: Load Monitoring tool05 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Limiting number of logins ATTEMPTS! - Clarification !!11 Jan 2001
Dinwiddie, Ron
 Summary(2): Acrobat reader association file12 Dec 2001
 Summary: Acrobat reader association file11 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: chown not working27 Sep 2001
Dinwiddie, Ronald
 SUMMARY: Sun & Cisco network issue19 Sep 2001
Dirk Boenning
 SUMMARY: Space left on Tape07 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Problems after changing the IP14 Aug 2001
Doma Rakrazo
 SUMMARY : Compiler patch for Sparc 1022 Jun 2001
Don Mies
 SUMMARY: Very Slow Login28 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Limiting Access by IP12 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Problem Creating Boot Server01 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Problem with Cron24 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Network file transfers are VERY slow15 Oct 2001
Donald Bricker
 Summary: Command to log out of CDE session17 Oct 2001
Donald Gover
 Thanks To everyone on my Headless X11 Server ...29 Jan 2001
Donald McLachlan
 SUMMARY: memory testing program14 Dec 2001
 Summary: cache corruption23 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: memory testing program14 Dec 2001
Dottie Weaver
 Summary: system board30 Aug 2001
 Summary: quick help01 Aug 2001
Doug S Johnson
 Summary: netmask24 Oct 2001
 Summary: newfs01 Oct 2001
 Summary: NIS Password Aging07 Sep 2001
 Summary: probe-scsi-all16 Aug 2001
 Summary: Local NTP03 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Add Tape Drive to SunOS 4.1.401 Aug 2001
 Summary: Archive to shared-lib?19 Jul 2001
Douglas Palmer
 SUMMARY: /etc/mnttab corrupted11 Jan 2001
Drew Raines
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 -> LDAP yields no connection06 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: SFWgcc missing header files14 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: U450 hard disk removal (part 2)11 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: U450 hard disk removal11 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Hard drive compatibility17 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: OpenSSL, apache, & 2.708 Jun 2001
Duane Robertson
 SUMMARY: Name resolution19 Oct 2001
Dufour, Marc
 Summary: How to disable processors09 Feb 2001
Dunbar, Brian
 Summary: TAR Question19 Sep 2001
 Summary: Sun Management Console09 Oct 2001
Dylan Northrup
 SUMMARY: Netra X1 LOM interface18 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Troubleshooting tips?09 Oct 2001
E Hunter
 Summary - Etherlink XL PCI cards in Sparc17 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY -- Re: Ultra 60 hme0 link down cable problem?04 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY- Re: 2.6 on Ultra 530 May 2001
 SUMMARY: cpp and sun license manager under Solaris 804 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Sun Blade 100 System Restore from Sparc Station 516 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Sun Blade 100 System restore from Sparc Station 516 Oct 2001
Ebrahim Price
 SUMMARY: SUMMARY: Printing in landscape mode18 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: SUMMARY: Printing in landscape mode18 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Printing in landscape mode11 Jun 2001
 Summary: Printing page type21 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Increasing number of TELNET users.12 Mar 2001
Ed Alexander
 SUMMARY: SAR (sa2) Seg Faults10 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: X Client Crash Under Solaris 8 (07/01)27 Nov 2001
eddie eddie2
 SUMMARY: fw1:too many internal host detected26 Jun 2001
Eddie Li
 SUMMARY: 64 bit Solaris 2.821 Jun 2001
Edgar M. Punzalan
 SUMMARY: sendmail build problems15 Nov 2001
Eduardo Snchez M.
 SUMMARY: Jail FTP User31 Aug 2001
Edward W. Carr
 SUMMARY: KSH Script problems ...23 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: TAR problem25 May 2001
Ehrenkrantz, Jeffery
 SUMMARY DiskSuite swap behavior24 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Preventing generic logins12 Feb 2001
Eliezer Ramm
 SUMMARY: forte install problems18 Jun 2001
Elizabeth Jones
 SUMMARY: su to root causes segmentation fault05 Nov 2001
Enrique Vadillo
 SUMMARY: Netra X1 vs Intel 1.1Ghz17 Oct 2001
Eric Boutilier
 SUMMARY: Sun requesting your feedback: Open Source Software and Solaris02 Jan 2001
Eric De Mund
 SUMMARY: Sony SDT-9000 external 4mm tape drive not recognized07 Feb 2001
Eric Gray
 SUMMARY: Network boot Netra T1 from hme130 Aug 2001
Eric Horne
 SUMMARY: SunPCi II Cards02 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY Solaris Cachefs18 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Monitoring software for Solaris23 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Booting external disks20 Jun 2001
Eric Hutchinson
 SUMMARY ufsrestore problem13 Jun 2001
Eric Kirkpatrick
 SUMMARY: x1045a Gigabit v1.1 SBus running vge-driver rev=2.0.24+ and IEEE 208.1q VLAN tagging01 Jun 2001
Eric Paul
 SUMMARY: color xterm in Sol 802 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Monitor for Sun Blade 10022 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Forcing a process to use a specific IP01 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Forcing a process to use a specific IP01 Mar 2001
Erik Williams
 SUMMARY: File Command19 Dec 2001
Erin Jones
 SUMMARY: TOP correction05 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: /dev/rmt/2mbn29 Mar 2001
Erwin Fritz
 SUMMARY: one T3 mirroring another T3?27 Aug 2001
Euan Pryde
 SUMMARY: SCSI target binding with JNI fcaw driver12 Jun 2001
Evan Oulashin
 Summary: A1000 Quick'n'Dirty setup20 Dec 2001
Eyal Edri
 SUMMARY: Adding a disk to SUNOS 4.220 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: WU-FTP: Service not available, remote server has closed connectio n15 Aug 2001
 Summary : how to simulate "/net" in NIS auto.master ?23 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Saving System State ?22 Jul 2001
 Summary : line in vfstab has too few enteris22 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: ifconfig hme1 plumb - no such interface05 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY:how to force a 32bit installation on sol 2.821 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: how to automate power safe in jumpstart14 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Cannot create slave child: Not enough space (backup)10 May 2001
F.M. Taylor
 [SUMMARY] Solaris 7 vs 826 Feb 2001
Fabio K
 Summary/bad end Re: Boot load failed!18 Oct 2001
 Summary-Re: Telnet07 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY X/mottif license for checkpoint under solaris 2.609 Sep 2001
Fabio Kirchenchteyn
 SUMMARY "no root for shell"19 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: cannot open /etc/path_to_inst16 May 2001
 Summary-Re: error opening x in a remote host27 Aug 2001
Fabrice Cuq
 SUMMARY: boot problem23 Nov 2001
Farzad Hejazi
 SUMMARY: 300 MHz CPU shows up as 256 MHz in Ultra219 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: SNCA + Apache/OpenSSL27 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY : Sun Network Cache and Accelerator (SNCA)14 Jun 2001
Feng Qiu
 SUMMARY: level 15 interrupt12 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: what is esp024 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: how to get boot prompt on sparc 1+20 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: how to open 411 external harddrive case17 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: SSI on apache1.326 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Root partition on ss512 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: install solris8 (4/00) on ss530 May 2001
 SUMMARY: chose language on solaris8 installation29 May 2001
 SUMMARY: More detail about: crack question15 May 2001
Fergus McMenemie
 SUMMARY: (SO FAR) Using a PC monitor on a Sun Classic cgthree via a 13w326 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: telnet as root01 Nov 2001
Fletcher, Joe
 Summary: 420R to 280R14 Nov 2001
 Summary: not in rosetta: addendum05 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: AIX equiv of snoop02 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: nfs over slow links09 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Strange ls behaviour28 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: SCSI errors23 May 2001
 SUMMARY: format/repair of 18GB drive21 May 2001
 Summary: directing incoming and outgoing traffic.11 Apr 2001
Forbes, Stephen
 SUMMARY: Alternate Pathing25 Oct 2001
Foti, Paul
 Summary: Users Cron jobs - Correction26 Sep 2001
 Summary: Users Cron jobs26 Sep 2001
Fowler, Kenneth R
 SUMMARY: SCSI Errors on Ultra3018 Jan 2001
Francis, Rick
 SUMMARY: pkgadd root_dir20 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: web server on sol818 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: java app startup12 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: awk script fails12 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: gcc compile on sol808 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: uname -r change30 May 2001
 SUMMARY: adjusting broadcast24 May 2001
 SUMMARY: back-to-back connect on a 300024 May 2001
 SUMMARY: resolv.conf config14 May 2001
 SUMMARY: netstat -a slow11 May 2001
 SUMMARY: correct loghost config10 May 2001
 SUMMARY: ue250 graphics problem30 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: md and vxvm and vxfs30 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: ue250 graphics problem27 Apr 2001
Frank J. Miles
 SUMMARY: Exporting WindowManagers in CDE.07 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Mailer 1.315 Jun 2001
 Summary: VxFS vs. UFS logging06 Sep 2001
Frederick Hall
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 and automount problems27 Feb 2001
Frederiksen, Paul
 SUMMARY: sunmanagers08 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Stale File Handlers04 Oct 2001
Fredrickson, James
 SUMMARY panics on boot20 Jun 2001
Fredrik Robertsson
 Followup: Unable to install A100029 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: About ndd link_status output26 Jul 2001
Freeman, Jim
 [SUMMARY] sleep does not sleep15 May 2001
Friedman, Jeff
 SUMMARY: Automatic failover in ssp v3.4, any opinions?10 Apr 2001
Frost, Brian D
 SUMMARY: SunBlade 100 / GNOME (Ximian)04 Oct 2001
Gabel Martin
 SUMMARY: making disks equal31 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Installing without GUI26 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: telnet above 1000008 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: admintool06 Jul 2001
 Summary: stressing machine07 May 2001
 Summary: backup raw device17 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY:SUNWqfe3: Late collision23 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY:SUNWqfe3: Late collision23 Apr 2001
Gallagher, James
 SUMMARY: error msg: SCSI bus reset .. ???05 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: piping command output into my shell script - how to read output?24 Sep 2001
Gallagher, Tim
 SUMMARY:64-bit driver module not found (revised)12 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY:64-bit driver module not found11 Jun 2001
Garfield Williams
 SUMMARY: Got Glue?28 Nov 2001
 Summary - Meta Devices.21 Nov 2001
Gary Carr
 SUMMARY: PCNFSD?30 Aug 2001
Gary Litwin
 SUMMARY: Has anyone set up a chroot restricted environment?17 Aug 2001
Gary Richardson
 SUMMARY: Scsi on E420R - what kind?26 Apr 2001
Gavin McDonald
 SUMMARY: Sunray Server on E25015 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: 'bogus' (?) sendmail errors after patching Solaris 7 box14 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: U2 Creator hangs while attempting a Solaris 2.6 install21 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: sys-unconfig failure14 Aug 2001
Geoff Lane
 SUMMARY: multihomed Sol8 / Apache / Incorrect IP no. use20 Aug 2001
George Dimitoglou
 SUMMARY: Using non-SUN IDE cables15 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: NETRA basic questions15 Jun 2001
George Monappallil
 Summary: boot problem03 Aug 2001
 Summary: sed question19 Jun 2001
 # of cpu - summary19 Apr 2001
 round robin dns summary06 Apr 2001
George Rajapaksa
 SUMMARY - Invisible Directory30 Apr 2001
 Summery - ps -ef | grep to check if process is running30 Jan 2001
George Thompson
 SUMMARY: Mount Error of /usr When Installing SunOS 4.1.321 Aug 2001
 Summary: Netra 1405 booting problem05 Oct 2001
 Summary: RE: How to disable round robin paging05 Sep 2001
 Summary: How can I "see"the new drives without reboot ?23 Jul 2001
Gerard Henry
 SUMMARY: tekram dc390 (ultra-scsi) on ultra 5 s8?14 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Xterminal keyboard sun29 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: unable to compile openssh on solaris 727 Jul 2001
Gerhard den Hollander
 SUMMARY poweroff vs halt vs shutdown04 Oct 2001
German, Vinnie
 SUMMARY: Setting UP nis on Solaris 2.5.1 ????09 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY:root login shell dynamically link???01 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 installation question....07 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Can the /etc/path_to_inst file be recreated ????31 May 2001
 SUMMARY: How to read a core dump file...11 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: I'm getting the following message: RED State Exception. ...08 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 , RaidManager 6.22 , VxVm 3.1 and an A1000.... ????18 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: loosing domainname when I reboot machine under Solaris 8 .????12 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: NIS under Solaris 8 ???12 Jan 2001
Gil Gilliland
 SUMMARY: Undeletable Route25 Apr 2001
 [SUMMARY #2]: Memtool for Solaris 2.5.102 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: memtool for Solaris 2.5.128 Feb 2001
Giovanni Navarrette
 Summary :: Compile-time Question05 Oct 2001
 Summary-> Network usage tracking and analysis?21 May 2001
Glenn Burkhardt
 SUMMARY: printing from BSD clients to Solaris 8 server12 Apr 2001
 Summary : Re: File Systems : urgent22 Jun 2001
 Summary : Solaris On Intel.13 Jun 2001
Gnanagurusamy B
 SUMMARY: CDE 5.5 with Dump terminal18 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: HP-UX gcc18 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: SPRAC 5 not booting after installing Sol.711 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY:OS upgrade sunOS 4.1.4 to Solaris 707 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: CDE problem through Exceed07 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY:Shared Memory problem...14 Oct 2001
Goosens, Oscar
 SUMMARY (addition): Graphic performance reporting/logging tool15 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Graphic performance reporting/logging tool15 Mar 2001
Grant Lowe
 SUMMARY: Using find to remove files15 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Clock board31 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Filesystem size19 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: SCSI Errors20 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Formatting multiple disks17 Apr 2001
 Summary: Job objectives28 Feb 2001
Grant Schoep
 SUMMARY:core files, enhanced naming04 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Using find to remove files12 Oct 2001
Granville, Danny
 SUMMARY: FC-AL Adapter for Ultra 6007 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Failing a hard drive07 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Raid Manager 6.22 and A350016 Aug 2001
Greg Gallagher
 SUMMARY: Solaris x86 + Win2k on same drive08 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: HA NFS Solution (under VCS) + stale file handles02 Nov 2001
Greg Mani
 SUMMARY: Netra T1 boot28 Sep 2001
Greg Ulyatt
 SUMMARY: virtual files?09 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: sys-unconfig in Sol802 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: sys-unconfig in Sol801 Aug 2001
 Summary: Routing issues23 Feb 2001
Gregg Dance
 SUMMARY: netra t1 - how to plumb second hme?16 Jan 2001
Gregory Kaloutsis
 SUMMARY: Filenames with numeric extensions do not list22 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: not this fstype after a newfs command29 Jan 2001
Gunnar Wolf
 SUMMARY Re: Keyboardless booting08 Jun 2001
gurjeet sandhu
 SUMMARY:--Regarding SEMAPHORE VALUES27 Nov 2001
 Summary : disk problem Urgent08 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY Solaris 8 VGA driver problem04 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Dynamic reconfiguration of Hotpluggable disk03 Aug 2001
Gustavo Tobares
 SUMMARY: Problems with logger17 Dec 2001
Guy Romano
 SUMMARY: Configuring line feed for text printing09 Apr 2001
Habib M.
 SUMMARY: orca tool15 Mar 2001
 Summary: gcc01 Mar 2001
Hai Xu
 Summary:Install system without monitor31 Jul 2001
 Summary:[SUN]Change the BANNER of in.telnetd and in.ftpd16 May 2001
Hannes Niemi
 SUMMARY: network interface setting problems06 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: LVD SCSI on Sun?11 Sep 2001
 Summary: TCPWrap Host addr. always Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Resetting the "Locale" setting on Solaris 704 Apr 2001
Harold White
 SUMMARY: Addendum: accounts for multiuser systems10 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: accounts for multiuser systems09 Aug 2001
Harrington, David B
 Summary: Paste Problem with Netscape 4.724 Sep 2001
Harry Ford
 SUMMARY: Booting a Netra T1 from an external cdrom23 May 2001
Haydee Y Ching/adtxp
 Summary : serial port monitoring23 Feb 2001
hcl mys mys
 SUMMARY:Modem compatibility10 Apr 2001
Hector Davie
 SUMMARY: clear, tput and ucblib16 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Restricted secure shells26 Jul 2001
 summary:::::Legato Issue08 Jun 2001
Heiko Maiwald
 SUMMARY: Serial port configuration09 May 2001
Heilke, Rainer
 Summary: SNMP tools29 Oct 2001
 Summary: Blade 100 audio capture15 Oct 2001
Helen Petropoulos
 SUMMARY Ultra SPARC 1 disk not responding30 Oct 2001
Hello Fello
 Summary: gprof's location21 Jan 2001
Henderson, David
 SUMMARY: Use a laptop as a console04 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: uname -a discrepancy27 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: "socket: All ports in use" Error04 Jul 2001
Henrik Larsson
 SUMMARY: Harddrive for a SparcStation 408 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: COTS Ethernet Cards31 Jan 2001
Hindley Nick
 SUMMARY: E3000 and 18GB disks20 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: process with no proper owner03 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: a state change.14 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: FTP - Sun to Microsoft22 Mar 2001
Hisham Al Saad
 SUMMARY : E420R performance01 Dec 2001
Hisham Al Saad
 pre SUMMARY: UW-IMAP server behavior20 May 2001
 SUMMARY: ufsdump22 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: Ufsdump permission denied.06 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: E4500 can't boot from cdrom31 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: ip address27 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: Backup on Solaris20 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: Tape Drive - Sense Key: Media Error25 Jul 2001
Hswe, Barbara
 SUMMARY: Corrupt label, wrong magic number21 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Headless Netra AC20017 Aug 2001
Hughes, Stephen
 SUMMARY: Looking for SMS messaging software05 Mar 2001
Hummers, Rick
 SUMMARY console server25 Jul 2001
Husik Hovhannisyan
 SUMMARY: Web Flash vs. custom JumpStart with packages24 Oct 2001
 Partial summary : reset of console output during installation18 Oct 2001
Huzefa Mohamedali
 SUMMARY: NIS Passwd Hangs14 May 2001
Ian Camm
 SUMMARY: Problem with vacation program12 Dec 2001
Ian Roddis
 SUMMARY: Arithmetic expressions in /bin/sh19 Jun 2001
Igor Schein
 SUMMARY: Qlogic ISP 1040B20 Dec 2001
Irfan Khan
 SUMMARY- SCSI Error29 Aug 2001
J Beck
 SUMMARY: 8mm tape drives discontinued?16 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: Automount Direct Map in NIS31 May 2001
J.. hrst
 Partial Summary to (Uncooperative X1)17 Oct 2001
Jack Burton
 SUMMARY: Problem mounting CDROM on Ultra 5 running Solaris 2.7.11 May 2001
Jack Hawk
 SUMMARY:Booting a sun box having a defective CD-ROM.19 Dec 2001
Jackie Wright
 Summary NTP23 Apr 2001
Jacob Ritorto
 SUMMARY: weak umount!14 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: nsswitch.conf09 Nov 2001
Jacques-Olivier Haenni
 SUMMARY: SUN 18" TFT flat screen; defective pixel15 Jun 2001
 Summary : Webserver03 Sep 2001
Jaewan Kim
 SUMMARY: virtual interface removal24 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Mysterious unzip28 Feb 2001
James Benson
 SUMMARY: Performance numbers?09 Nov 2001
James Coby
 SUMMARY: Short Version Output Redirection Query27 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Output redirection27 Apr 2001
James Greer
 Summary: Default UID 0 Accounts13 Feb 2001
 Summary: Default UID 0 Accounts13 Feb 2001
James Musso
 SUMMARY: Live Upgrade Problem14 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Fibre channel disk drives05 Feb 2001
James Noyes
 SUMMARY Re: Solaris 8 (04/01) and Ultra 1/200E incompatible?14 May 2001
James Robertori
 SUMMARY: swap on solaris 805 Jun 2001
James Zhao
 {SUMMARY] increase pt_cnt20 Mar 2001
 [SUMMARY]: install solaris 2.6 on E420R20 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: system panic after install patch06 Jan 2001
Jan Johansson
 SUMMARY: How many SunRAY can we drive?17 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Sun Server Purchase06 Nov 2001
Jan-Olaf Droese
 SUMMARY: ypbind: NIS server not responding for domain29 Jun 2001
Jason Feilbach
 SUMMARY Read Only Filesystems19 Nov 2001
Jason Grove
 SUMMARY: Netra X1 won't respond04 Nov 2001
Jason Lam
 SUMMARY: Problem with crontab01 Feb 2001
Jason Li
 SUMMARY: 19" racks for E45026 Feb 2001
Jason Wood
 [Summary]Multiple Solaris verions on one server (SPARC)16 May 2001
 [Summary I]Using pax to restore absolute paths10 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: Warnings.31 Jul 2001
 Summery: Meaning of a Warning message.12 Mar 2001
Javier Navas Hernandez
 SUMMARY:Update Open Boot Prom22 Feb 2001
Jayme Cox
 SUMMARY: pkgadd from within /etc/rc.d script13 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: Display Setup10 Jul 2001
Jeff Cobb
 SUMMARY : Veritas Volume Manager over NFS20 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: fan control on an E45022 Feb 2001
Jeff Engel
 Sumary to reset an A1000 controller ( also work for a A3500)20 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Solstice backup Question.20 Aug 2001
Jeff Kennedy
 SUMMARY: Patch management19 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: auditing19 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: redirect printer status output?05 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: accounting issue04 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 and mnttab26 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Variable question19 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: RBAC on Solaris 807 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Offsite backup storage companies24 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: tar23 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: tar22 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Storage lists03 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Quick script question - second round02 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Quick script question02 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: auto_direct file01 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Proctool18 Jul 2001
 Summary: Questions about NetApp and Oracle27 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: vtoc for multiple disks09 May 2001
 SUMMARY: OT: Veritas NetBackup list12 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: tar and compress while capturing output26 Jan 2001
Jeff Miller
 SUMMARY: NIS and ypservers16 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: model 114 array controller upgrade09 Jan 2001
Jeff Painter
 SUMMARY: Upgrade solaris 2.6 to 8, veritas problems11 Sep 2001
Jeff Welsch
 SUMMARY: A1000 problems part 1 & 227 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: DHCP on boot = no default route25 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: DHCP on boot = no default route25 Oct 2001
Jeffery Small
 SUMMARY: Problem with ufsrestore11 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 monitor suspension problem23 Jul 2001
Jeffrey Liu
 SUMMARY: sendmail errors: collect: premature EOM: Connect reset by (remote host)28 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: E10k domain DR - recover from tape?23 Mar 2001
Jeffrey P. Miller
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 jumpstart / Could not mount filesystem05 Sep 2001
Jen Hamilton
 SUMMARY: Enabling Priority Paging02 Jan 2001
jennifer climenti
 Summary:shared memory17 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY : netstat21 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: error messages......07 Oct 2001
 Summary:NIS17 Sep 2001
Jeremy Przygode
 SUMMARY: LDAP authentication using netgroups question.23 Dec 2001
Jeroen Visser
 SUMMARY: configuring direct connect24 Apr 2001
Jerry Brady
 SUMMARY: error installing Oracle on Solaris 808 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: How to setup dtmail03 Aug 2001
Jerry Kemp - Sun account
 [SUMMARY] Additional ethernet card options for Sparcblade 10002 Nov 2001
 [LONG SUMMARY] opionions on in-house unix based mail systems02 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: getting iostat -E info07 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: system hang during boot (originally Easy way to hang a system)07 Nov 2001
Jesus Cea Avion
 SUMMARY: Tools for Ultra-1 Memory Upgrade21 Dec 2001
Jez Ahl
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart replaces inetd.conf23 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY "Domainname" return code16 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Crash dump24 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY : NFS locks (with a NETAPP filer)12 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY - Help - Jumpstart server moved!12 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: E420 - Packet output errors26 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: No cdrom automount14 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Mysteriuos reboot17 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Correction Hitachi Disk lun seen as wrong size14 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Hitachi Disk lun seen as wrong size14 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: E250, Solaris 8 - Panics regularly!13 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: JNI via Fabric10 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Veritas can't import rootdg after renaming system29 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Changing local root passwd on multiple machine12 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: how to describe read(x,x,x) from truss07 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: More INFO: how can more than one machine access the same files (read-only) on a SAN or NAS07 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: changing utsname settiings23 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Luxadm does not pick up a5000 array23 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: execute permissions on /usr and /usr/local removed22 Jun 2001
Jim Lang
 SUMMARY cannot execute binary file06 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Building bind with gcc on Solaris28 Mar 2001
Jim Sauer
 SUMMARY: Root Cron jobs won't run24 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: SSH compile for TCP Wrappers05 Jul 2001
 Summary: CDROM drive won't list files06 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Mount error - trying to restore root file system08 Jan 2001
Jim Smart
 SUMMARY: Supplemental Information: ftp problem ?28 Mar 2001
Jim Southerd
 FOLLOWUP: http services12 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY :64 / 32 bit boot up...16 Nov 2001
 Summary: looking for a good security checklist01 Oct 2001
 Summary: a little off topic - annual meetings?20 Jul 2001
 summary: sparc station ipx15 Feb 2001
Jimmy De Laet
 SUMMARY: How to find filesystem tuning-parameter22 Feb 2001
Joe R. Jah
 SUMMARY: Unmanable windex keywords?04 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: NFS Portmap: RPC: Program not registered31 May 2001
 SUMMARY: 109949-01 and 107149-07 fail on Solaris 2.7/Ultra1018 May 2001
Joe Rice
 SUMMARY: find09 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: sound on an Ultra 1018 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: external scsi drives14 Mar 2001
Joe Ryals
 SUMMARY: gcc 3.0 question06 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Disksuite 4.2 Mirror Errors16 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: panic cpu error and timeout warning22 Mar 2001
Johan Hartzenberg
 SUMMARY: Parse files w lines ending with escaped new-line25 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Cron log rotation21 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Is set noexec_user_stack=1 good enough19 Jun 2001
John B. Spindler
 Partial Summary: Uncooperative X117 Oct 2001
 Summary (vfstab)01 Oct 2001
John Barton
 Summary: how to find block size23 Aug 2001
John Beaulieu
 [Summary] How to resolve virus/trojan horse problem30 Nov 2001
john benjamins
 SUMMARY Canadian used Sun dealers [addendum]22 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY Canadian used Sun dealers21 Nov 2001
John Black
 SUMMARY:Blocking multiple browser requests from same IP11 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY:changing password non-interactively.02 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY:Useradd: Permission Denied.02 Apr 2001
John Bullard
 SUMMARY: passwd aging22 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Laptop as terminal15 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY SSH Installation, setup and use05 Mar 2001
john corcoran
 SUMMARY LVM in solaris 2.607 Dec 2001
 Summary; Get physical Memory08 Feb 2001
John Elser
 SUMMARY - Help with ndd17 Dec 2001
John Gibson
 SUMMARY[ /usr/ucb/cc help ]15 Oct 2001
John Hodson
 SUMMARY: unapproved DNS updates02 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: mailx -r and Sol 816 Mar 2001
John Horne
 SUMMARY: Whose are these - pub_alisten/dlisten?20 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Large disk and xerox printer utilities26 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: Openssh, solaris and vim13 Feb 2001
John Leadeham
 SUMMARY: hme lost during Solaris 8 installation26 Jun 2001
John Maguire
 [SUMMARY] Sun system for home use22 Jun 2001
John Malick
 SUMMARY #2: A1000 Dual Attach20 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: A1000 Dual Attach09 Mar 2001
John Marrett
 UPDATE SUMMARY: JumpStart server with boot server in seperate network05 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: JumpStart server with boot server in seperate network05 Nov 2001
 UPDATED SUMMARY: cfgadm and hot swappable scsi disks19 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: cfgadm and hot swappable scsi disks19 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: lsof can't find open port28 Aug 2001
 UNSOLVED/UPDATE: lsof can't find open port27 Aug 2001
 UPDATED SUMMARY: Solaris 7 Arp Timeout16 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 7 Arp Timeout14 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Netra AC200 - Intermittant Fault31 May 2001
 SUMMARY: JumpStart Installation: not found15 May 2001
John Martinez
 SUMMARY: E4500 problem02 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: OS upgrade with attached A100005 Jun 2001
John Spindler
 [SUMMARY] Printer (HP4000TN)28 Aug 2001
John Tan
 SUMMARY: unable to read tar29 Nov 2001
 Summary expanded: FTP only access07 Nov 2001
 Summary: FTP only access06 Nov 2001
 Partial summary: Backups fail19 Oct 2001
 [SUMMARY] Hot-plugging disk in E25023 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: FTP and File Permissions08 Oct 2001
Johnie Stafford
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 7/01 and network devices04 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Linux as a Jumpstart boot server14 Jun 2001
Johnny Hall
 SUMMARY [Hardware Compatibility]04 Sep 2001
Johns Philip
 SUMMARY: How to find out used ports ?09 May 2001
Johnston Mark
 [SUMMARY]: Tar problems17 Dec 2001
 INTERESTING: Funny things happening with Swap19 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Patching15 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Funny things happening with Swap14 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Backup - Slightly Off Topic08 Nov 2001
 [Summary] Cdrom Again17 Oct 2001
 CDrom Mounting [Summary]30 Aug 2001
 [Summary] Solaris Boot22 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Stupid shell script20 Jun 2001
Jon Allen
 UPDATE: unexpected message in 207 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: resource management05 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Upgrade problems from 2.6 to 2.726 Feb 2001
Jonathan A. Zdziarski
 SUMMARY: Identifying NICs17 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Intel Solaris Woes12 Jun 2001
Jonathan Katz
 SUMMARY: UFS Logging on Solaris 2.613 Feb 2001
Jonathan Loh
 SUMMARY: ftp through one port?13 Apr 2001
Jordan Gaston
 SUMMARY: Need to install external Hard drives without reboot.08 Nov 2001
Jordi Vidal
 SUMMARY: Apache/Oracle question04 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: turn on 32 bits compibility kernel20 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: "spurious" break in ascii console (fwd)20 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY mount warnings when booting16 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: SDS mirror additional metadb in a running system13 Nov 2001
Jose Morales Olivares
 SUMMARY: What device is this.26 Feb 2001
Joseph McCall
 SUMMARY: Ultra60 support for large hard drives17 Nov 2001
Joseph McDonald
 SUMMARY: Distributing printers over network23 May 2001
Joseph P Frazee
 SUMMARY: Q: in.ftpd/Timeouts/OpenBSD Firewall15 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Shells/Dynamically Linked08 Aug 2001
Josh Gomez
 SUMMARY: RE: How to See all physical Network interfaces installe d11 May 2001
Josh Lothian
 SUMMARY: ntp on SunBlade 100, Solaris 804 Dec 2001
Josh Lukens
 SUMMARY: getexecname() failed for sort and ps in chroot during jumpstart15 Oct 2001
Josh McCormick
 SUMMARY: DMP vs EMC Powerpath12 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Fujitsu Hardware (E220R-E10k+ Sun Clones)05 Mar 2001
Joshua Fielden
 SUMMARY: powering e-class hardware on/off from the console prompt15 Oct 2001
 Summary: Checking dimm's by command line20 Dec 2001
 Summary: Checking dimm's by command line20 Dec 2001
 Summary: System can see new hard drive14 Sep 2001
Justin Pippin
 Summary: Pushing 100 full duplex07 Aug 2001
Justin Sheehy
 SUMMARY: netra X1 crashing hard30 Oct 2001
Kain, Becki
 SUMMARY: AXiL sun box wanted20 Dec 2001
 [SUMMARY] ftp slowed on 2.628 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: downsizing web servers24 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: NEWS servers23 May 2001
 SUMMARY: no login:23 May 2001
 SUMMARY: blocks of 1k with ufs?15 May 2001
Kale, Nandkishor
 SUMMARY: Ultra5 with Adaptec 2916023 Jul 2001
Kao, Jeff
 [SUMMARY] Replace Boot Disk20 Dec 2001
Karki, Prabhat
 SUMMARY: openssh18 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: directory checksum error on tar command17 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Diskless Clients20 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: System monitor09 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Terminal Server Break07 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: vi editor31 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: LDAP: dsypinstall error25 Jul 2001
Karl Devitt
 Summary: filename with special characters, how to delete01 Oct 2001
 Summary: adding a nic into a sun blade31 Aug 2001
 Summary: locales on 2.609 Aug 2001
 Summary: Stale NFS file handle27 Jul 2001
 Summary: Disk problem: fsck /dev/..... fails27 Jul 2001
 update: Disk problem: fsck /dev/..... fails20 Jul 2001
 Summary: Solaris8_x86 - hme equivalent13 Jul 2001
 Summary: Q on partitions12 Jul 2001
 Summary: telnet/ftp connect from windoze to unix12 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: long file names on a burnt CD20 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Info on UPS hardware and software14 Jun 2001
 FINAL SUMMARY: cron problem - output redirection not working14 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: cron problem - output redirection not working11 Jun 2001
 Summary: tar and tape backup06 Jun 2001
Kathleen Ellis
 SUMMARY: How to display serial number for Sun StorEdge A5x0021 Jun 2001
Kathy Ange
 Summary - Quot -af report is wrong27 Dec 2001
 Summary - Powering Off an Ultra 1026 Nov 2001
 Summary - Part 2, Information on Sun KVM Switches (very late)25 Sep 2001
 Summary - Information on Sun KVM Switches (very late)21 Sep 2001
 Summary - Purchasing Information E280R & A100005 Sep 2001
 Summary - Sendmail Configuration Version Confusion28 Jun 2001
 Summary - A GUI CRON Utility12 Mar 2001
Ken Holden
 SUMMARY: removing keyboard / terminal26 Jun 2001
Ken Roberts
 SUMMARY: Change Sendmail Default Port04 Oct 2001
 summary: OpenSSH won't run15 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Anyone have a comparision of DiskSuite vs. Veritas Foundation Suite?13 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Unix2Dos Issue26 Sep 2001
 Summary: applying Patches to a Jumpstart OS Image.13 Sep 2001
 Re-Summary: IDE Drives on Ultra 5 and Ultra 10s25 Jul 2001
 Summary: IDE Drives for Ultra 5s/10s.24 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: DR PROCEDURES with License Keys.11 Jul 2001
 Summary: Printing to Novell Print Queues from Solaris.18 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Script or Program for seeing status of ethernet interfaces...01 Mar 2001
Kenneth Hung
 SUMMARY: Defaultroute20 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: mount local home directory19 Dec 2001
Kent Hundley
 Summary: HCL for ethernet PCI on sparc platform10 Dec 2001
Kevin Buterbaugh
 SUMMARY: Xsun CPU utilization when workstation is idle06 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Performance benchmarking tools13 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: gigabit ethernet performance - Additional information11 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: 2nd IDE drive in Ultra 513 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: D1000 vs A1000 for home directory server01 Mar 2001
Kevin Butters
 Summary: PS1 problem18 Dec 2001
 Confused Summary18 Dec 2001
Kevin Colagio
 [Summary] What NICs will work in a PCI based system?08 Sep 2001
kevin graham
 SUMMARY: Solaris/SPARC 802.1q support12 Aug 2001
Kevin M. Korb
 [SUMMARY] D1000 backplane replacement24 Feb 2001
Kevin Metzger
 SUMMARY: ufsdump/restore across a network (fwd)13 Nov 2001
Kevin R. Tyle
 SUMMARY: Filesystem mount problem on reboot17 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Cause of crash on Ultra-5?16 May 2001
Kevin Reichhart
 SUMMARY: Netra-x129 Nov 2001
Kevin Tsay
 SUMMARY: HEX Editor21 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Veritas raw volume protection mask assignment on system boot;How to retain assigned owner/prot?04 Oct 2001
Kit Burrows
 SUMMARY: Problems with JNI card and E4500/A510025 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Memory for Sun E1000E13 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Sun Blade 100 Boot question12 Nov 2001
Konstantin Orekhov
 SUMMARY: Problems with multipathing on Netra T1 AC20019 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Netstat problem07 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: NetraT1 boot from CD problem17 May 2001
Konstantin Rozinov
 SUMMARY: /usr/dt & /usr/openwin removal?21 Dec 2001
 [Fwd: SUMMARY: Comments in a program?]17 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Comments in a program?17 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Timestamps for a file14 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: SS10 & two CPU12 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: prtdiag on a SS1030 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: SMC Etherpower II 10/100 (9324TX) on Sol8(x86)17 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: SCSI Unexpected Phase = 216 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: SCSI Unexpected Phase = 206 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: new sun keyboards...definitions of keys?22 Jan 2001
Koonz, Jay
 Summary - Hubs versus Switches28 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 7 on a Netra X115 May 2001
 Summary: How do I tell how many semaphores are in use08 Jan 2001
Koos van den Hout
 Tip: Sun Blade memory31 Jul 2001
Kruchkoff, A
 SUMMARY III: Sybase performance01 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY II: Sybase performance31 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: How to force the loading of md_sp driver.31 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: vxinstall: vxslicer: ERROR: unsupported disk layout29 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Sybase performance25 Oct 2001
Kulp, Scott
 SUMMARY:Clips 'R' Us19 Jul 2001
Kunnachaar Koothattukulam
 SUMMARY: Configure multiple network interface within same subnet17 Sep 2001
Kurt Werth
 Summary: wu-ftp not accepting connections15 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: [Q] SUN L9 (DLT8000) run very slowwwww ....17 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: [Q] how to check SParc 5 cpu Mhz13 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: [Q] Can A5000 mix different size hard disk?20 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: [Q] Does SUN 72" rack cabient need fan?26 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: [Q] SUN L9 autoloader need 3rd SW to control it?23 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: [Q] need your suggestion to upgrade SUn server?20 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: [Q] how to map sdXX to hard disk?08 Jan 2001
Ladislav Kostal
 SUMMARY: remote exec27 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: problem with talk20 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Strange behavior of @12 Nov 2001
Lakshmi kuruganti
 Summary: error message....14 Jun 2001
Lal, Neeraj
 SUMMARY: Attach several different attachments to a single mail ms g08 Oct 2001
laloo yadav
 SUMMARY: telnet not working19 Dec 2001
Laurence Carradus
 SUMMARY: Sun Ultra-5 will not boot from CD-ROM27 Nov 2001
Lawrence Cheong
 SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 on E350021 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Name server information is incorrect19 Nov 2001
 Summary for blocking specific users from TELNET07 Sep 2001
Lawrence, Daniel
 SUMMARY: Reset root password?11 Apr 2001
Leonard, Roger
 SUMMARY: DLT8000 on Sol817 May 2001
 SUMMARY: hard links31 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: changing hostid on the fly.05 Jan 2001
Leslie Connally
 SUMMARY2: floppy hell, pkgadd hell, driver hell16 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: floppy hell, pkgadd hell, driver hell16 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Re: Name Resolution Delay nslookup? traceroute?14 Aug 2001
Lisa Weihl
 SUMMARY:ftp mkdir with setGID directory31 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY:apache can't run a cgi08 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: Disk Mirroring, root/swap on Netra X111 Sep 2001
 Veritas File Replicator03 Sep 2001
Lucio Chiappetti
 SUMMARY (yp)passwd hangs after changing password10 Apr 2001
Luke A. Kanies
 SUMMARY: CDE fails when using ldap as NS26 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart fails to mount root - netmask problem18 Sep 2001
Luke Kanies
 SUMMARY: jumpstarting with Solaris 8 04/0129 May 2001
Luke Purcell
 SUMMARY: LDAP and NIS+17 Jul 2001
Lumpkin, Buddy
 SUMMARY: memstat03 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: largefile support on vxfs08 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 on Jumpstart and newer systems like the E420 R22 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: sd, st and fcaw kernel modules07 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: jumpstart without NIS!!16 Feb 2001
Luong Duong
 SUMMARY: list link14 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Sol 8 sleep/blank screen21 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: quad card16 May 2001
 SUMMARY II: Ultra2 w/ Clariion array11 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Ultra2 w/ Clariion array11 May 2001
 SUMMARY II: CDE packages09 May 2001
 SUMMARY: CDE packages08 May 2001
 SUMMARY: URGENT: bootblk: can't find boot program01 May 2001
 SUMMARY: nvram/hostid30 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: uptime and last inconsistent30 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: bad tape drive16 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart and kernel patch 106541-1511 Apr 2001
Lynette Bellini
 SUMMARY: mysterious ldap requests27 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: pidentd-3.0.12 on sun blade27 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: post-MU3 problems with e25025 May 2001
 SUMMARY: resolution change after power fail23 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Disksuite: size of logging device slice23 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: automount troubles/sol 812 Jan 2001
Mac Burns
 SUMMARY: Is "cannot invoke /etc/init" fixable without CD-ROMs?04 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: getting overwritten?07 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Temperature monitoring04 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Script to notify users of a disk filling up?29 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: ftp/tcp: unknown service16 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: fan failure15 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Setting up a mini FC config with 3 servers?08 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY : deletion of old files29 Oct 2001
 UPDATE : large IDE disks >32GB on Solaris 818 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Best way to configure RAID-5 under Solaris 2.6?06 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: E4500 installation27 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: UPS for E450020 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY : shell script for performance testing12 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: forms and checklists12 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY (of confirmation) Re: IDE drives on Ultra5_1025 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY : E420R setup19 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: error message05 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY : UK Sun dealers28 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY : E4500 Power26 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: transport protocol message19 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: probe scsi devices30 May 2001
 SUMMARY : ufsdump/Mammoth 2 problem23 May 2001
 UPDATED(Summary Sudo access and vi)30 Aug 2001
 Summary:Sudo access and vi30 Aug 2001
 Thanks to all who helped03 Jul 2001
Manager Account
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart & SunPCi25 Jun 2001
Manesh, Nasser
 [SUMMARY] (or call it info) Cron fails when bsm is configured20 Jun 2001
 [SUMMARY] ftp server with least vulnerability for Solaris17 May 2001
 [SUMMARY] "root" replaced with "ROot"?26 Mar 2001
Mann Michael
 SUMMARY: Redirecting incoming http traffic?14 Dec 2001
Marc Alvidrez
 SUMMARY: patchadd 110380-03 problem18 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Uncorrectable data Error and MANPATH11 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Best Practice way to upgrade BIND19 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: printcap Translation20 Feb 2001
Marc Staudacher
 SUMMARY: How to boot from SDS mirror?08 Jun 2001
Marcel Chukwunenye
 Summary: tar command21 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Problem with UFSDUMP/UFSRESTORE & ls08 Mar 2001
Marcelino Mata
 Summary : Cloning disks on Blade 1000 (FC-AL disks)22 Mar 2001
Marcelo Maraboli
 SUMMARY: Enterprise 250 with different CPU modules21 Sep 2001
Marchand, Dale
 SUMMARY: PCMCIA support for Solaris 8 x8607 May 2001
Marco Greene
 SUMMARY (2): E420R Rail kit.05 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: E420R Rail kit.16 Oct 2001
 Summary: X Client Connection Refused20 Jun 2001
 Summary: Tar over 2GB20 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Remote Network Service Check16 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Login Problem - No more logins15 Mar 2001
 Summary: ssh2 Remote Command02 Mar 2001
 Summary - Revisited: Failed Login Attempts01 Mar 2001
 Summary: Failed Login Attempts01 Mar 2001
 Summary: Sudo Package18 Apr 2001
Maria Aurora VT de la Vega
 SUMMARY: tags column in prtvtoc and format25 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: compressed capacity in tape drives19 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: looking for disk space12 Dec 2001
Marie-Francoise Thiry
 SUMMARY: Access to a file server18 Jan 2001
Mario Henley Becerril Geldis
 SUMMARY: C program....13 Jun 2001
Mark A. Bialik
 Summary: dtlogin chews up space12 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: HME Driver Question27 Sep 2001
Mark Cohen
 SUMMARY Sparc20 problem..08 Oct 2001
mark cormier
 SUMMARY: Events during a system shutdown ...17 Apr 2001
 [SUMMARY]Sun StorEdge SRC/P SCSI RAID controller06 Feb 2001
Mark Fergusson
 SUMMARY: Setting Kernel parameter msgmni is not working13 Jun 2001
Mark Gosselin
 SUMMARY:Turbo Graphics on E450010 Dec 2001
 Summary:Getting the ok> prompt08 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY:Multiple IP addresses- 1 interface and default router21 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Mental block30 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Which process is using memory?17 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Script to check for installed patches20 Apr 2001
 Summary: genunix error reading symbols23 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: New Ultra10 doing funny things09 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: add_install_client problem25 Jan 2001
Mark Hargrave
 SUMMARY: /usr/openwin/lib/ Hangup errors12 Dec 2001
 Summary: /dev/ksyms is not a 32-bit kernel30 Oct 2001
 Summary: Problems Upgrading Solaris 2.6 to Solaris 2.824 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Booting without Network Configured23 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Programmer Wants "root" Access19 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Upgrading Solaris 2.6 to 2.7 under Veritas VM11 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Multiple Monitors with CDE OpenWindows03 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Auto Tape Drive Cleaning - Sun L350022 Mar 2001
 Summary: Rules for filename timestamp listing09 Jan 2001
Mark Hollow
 SUMMARY: Checkpoint Firewall-1 on Netra X-117 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: problem with custom cluster 2.2 data service14 Mar 2001
Mark King
 SUMMARY: Disabling IPv6 in Solaris 8?04 Dec 2001
 Summary: make: ld: fatal: library -lnsl: not found - Oracle 8.1.612 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: find what libs are linked in a dynamic file?07 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Cannot ls files18 Apr 2001
Mark Lewis
 SUMMARY:telnet problem27 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: remote restore24 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: mysterious reboot23 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY #0: gcc 2.95.322 May 2001
 SUMMARY: setting up a terminal concentrator for a sun cluster21 Jun 2001
 FURTHER SUMMARY:jumpstarting netra X119 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: /etc/issue equiv17 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: snmpdx14 May 2001
 SUMMARY: jumpstarting netra X112 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: crond restart04 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY - urgent jumpstart question01 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: patch addition01 May 2001
Mark Lin
 SUMMARY: software or script that makes patching system easier.17 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Slow Performance13 Mar 2001
Mark Luntzel
 SUMMARY: acceptable amount of errors and collisions?28 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: google23 May 2001
Martin Hepworth
 SUMMARY: env vars being forced to specific values only for telnet connections14 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY Re: SunOS 4 file descriptor problems.18 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: SunOS 4.1.4 and 100baseT27 Feb 2001
Martin Meadows
 summary: directing unix time command output to log14 Sep 2001
 summary: question abt. rst0 -rw-r--r-- vs. rst1 crw-rw-rw11 Sep 2001
 Summary: solaris resolver question29 Jun 2001
 Summary : installboot problem on ultra 112 Mar 2001
Martin kesson
 SUMMARY: Long usernames19 Jun 2001
 [SUMMARY] Suspended (tty input)16 May 2001
Martynas Buozis
 SUMMARY: Veritas Cluster Server on Solaris 8 and NIC04 Sep 2001
Masaharu Fukuyama
 SUMMARY: Ultra 2/C3D No Monitor output06 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Core Dump reader?09 Apr 2001
 Summary... C Compiler07 Feb 2001
Matt Fountain
 SUMMARY: cpu pairs - two becomes one?27 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: What no warm reboots?25 Apr 2001
 Summary: qfe and cryptoscript19 Apr 2001
Matt Glaves
 SUMMARY: Error booting Netra X120 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Advise/Experiences with Email Server Hardware02 Feb 2001
Matt M. Morris
 SUMMARY: Mysterious reboot27 Sep 2001
Matt Tilley
 Summary: working?14 Dec 2001
Matthew Alexander
 SUMMARY: nmap crashing Solaris 2.6 servers30 May 2001
Matthew Atkinson
 SUMMARY: Tape Autochanger Control23 Oct 2001
Matthew Boeckman
 SUMMARY: UltraSPARCIII benchmark17 Sep 2001
Matthew Hall
 SUMMARY: root passwd recovery on Disk Suite mounted /15 Jun 2001
Matthew Keen
 SUMMARY: netra X1 & disksuite19 Apr 2001
Matthew Mauzy
 SUMMARY: fsck unable to correct a missing file error31 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: perl5 on solaris805 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY : /usr/bin/cd ?!?!05 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY : script for determining free space17 Oct 2001
Matthias Kurz
 SUMMARY: Companion Disk and install location08 Dec 2001
Matthias Schreiber
 SUMMARY: Increase TCP/IP Timeout29 Nov 2001
McCaffity, Ray
 SUMMARY: limiting /tmp space27 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Clock Board TOD19 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: default interfaces07 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY:variable length subnet masks on the same subnet?22 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY:log of file placement from "make install"16 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: openssl & openssh configuration15 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Quotes in a shell script07 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Turning off Xserver06 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: auditing user commands02 Aug 2001
 Summary ARP timeout25 Jun 2001
McGee, Chris
 SUMMARY: Ultra Enterprise 3000 missing disks06 Jul 2001
McIntire, John
 Summary Orca Stats20 Jun 2001
McManus, Joe
 SUMMARY: Configuring NIS27 Jul 2001
me me
 SUMMARY: Using Tee15 Mar 2001
Mehmet Mirat Satoglu
 SUMMARY II: comparing solaris 8 to windows 200018 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY : comparing solaris 8 to windows 200017 Oct 2001
Meneer Tutut
 SUMMARY: failed to open /dev/dump25 Nov 2001
Merrell, Vince [IT]
 SUMMARY: Netra T1 panics19 Apr 2001
Michael Auria
 SUMMARY: Ultra 10 boot drives28 Nov 2001
 Summarry: /proc27 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: FW: bootp problem10 Jun 2001
 SuMMARY: FW: useradd03 May 2001
Michael DeSimone
 [SUMMARY] Automating the movment of log files across the network15 May 2001
Michael Fernando
 SUMMARY: Hardware RAID05 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: serial/console server17 Jul 2001
Michael Hase
 SUMMARY: nscd memory usage23 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Uncorrectable Memory Error on CPU023 Jul 2001
Michael Kiernan
 SUMMARY: Command Equivalence Matrix13 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY:SCSI options for SunBlade 10026 Nov 2001
Michael Mark O
 SUMMARY: compress/uncompress, large files and corruption14 Aug 2001
Michael S. Peek
 SUMMARY: Problems getting a brand new E4500 to boot?28 Jun 2001
Michael Steeves
 [SUMMARY] Help setting up a JumpStart server....16 Jan 2001
Michael Wang
 SUMMARY: Ultra 5 internal disk timeout and disappear during heavy I/O23 Oct 2001
Michal Wellum
 SUMMARY: Custom Jumpstart walkthru17 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris Passive ftp Client07 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Re:Quick Question (System tweaks)14 May 2001
Mika Tuupola
 SUMMARY: 500MHz Netra X1 network install03 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY(2): Disksuite metainit fails11 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Disksuite metainit fails09 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: 110383-01 and X106 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: SPARCengine ultra AXi and Solaris 803 Jan 2001
Mikael Nordstrom
 SUMMARY: Modem on a Netra T108 Aug 2001
Mike Ackerman
 SUMMARY: shell util to control dlt autoloader02 Jan 2001
Mike Box
 SUMMARY: Implementing a script to add userid(s) in an NIS+ environment02 Aug 2001
Mike Box's Lists
 Summary: CDE's Calendar (dtcm and rpc.cmsd)24 Jan 2001
Mike Costa
 Summary FTP Performance16 Dec 2001
 FTP Summary30 Oct 2001
 Summary FTP Performance19 Oct 2001
Mike DeMarco
 SUMMARY: sar archive22 May 2001
 SUMMARY: lease vs purchase17 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: # in /etc/system instead of *08 Jun 2001
 SUMMERY Veritas QuickIO & system performance18 Jan 2001
Mike Ekholm
 SUMMARY: LDAP + Automounter10 Oct 2001
Mike Kiernan
 SUMMARY(?): Sol8/Disksuite 4.2.1 Raid 5 Data Loss Postmortem13 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: E4500 & EMC HBA's03 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: ODS 4.2.1 IBM 36GB replacing Seagate 36GB13 Jun 2001
Mike Peppard
 SUMMARY: Incoming Timeouts12 Jun 2001
Mike Robertson
 SUMMARY: Best way to connect A3500FC to E5500?22 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Best way to connect A3500FC to E5500?19 Oct 2001
Mike van der Velden
 SUMMARY: /var/yp directory structure15 Mar 2001
Mike Vierow, e-Agency
 SUMMARY: Root filesys full, du -sk /dev = 100mb09 Oct 2001
Mike Whorley
 Sendmail summary09 Jul 2001
 Summary - Remote root login02 Jul 2001
Mike's List
 SUMMARY: dual cpus12 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Optimal Performance06 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: DNS original/prefer05 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: RAID1 (mirror)19 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Integratus UHA vs. Veritas VCS26 Nov 2001
 Summary: How to configure Solaris in order to send print queue over to NT print server?25 Apr 2001
Modrego K. SBD
 SUMMARY Telnet in a crontab job.11 Oct 2001
 Summary: Veritas DMP06 Sep 2001
 Summary NAFO WithOut SunCluster28 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY Discovering the process witch has iowait23 Aug 2001
 Summary Controlling the FS size31 Jul 2001
 Summary: Strange rm31 Jul 2001
Mohammed Alshammari
 Summary :network connection lost while using HP openview !18 Mar 2001
Montana InTouch Internet
 SUMMARY:Re: repeating keys on solaris 2.6/U60 install09 May 2001
Moore, L. Bryan
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 Jumpstarts11 Oct 2001
Moscola, Alfred
 SUMMARY: Disk Suite / Volume Manager Question25 Oct 2001
Mossey Fahey
 SUMMARY:Determining boot device?17 Oct 2001
Mr Rene Occelli
 SUMMARY:HPC3.1_and_MPI17 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: VI Question??28 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: VI Question??28 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: C/C++ Restricting to Users?19 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Legato error...04 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY:Help on Scripting06 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Complier Problem29 May 2001
Ms. Carolyn Mayr {SCS STAFF}
 SUMMARY (Re:SUMMARY (unresolved): NIS+ client credentials)14 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY (unresolved): NIS+ client credentials14 Mar 2001
Mt Dew
 SUMMARY: boot disk c0t0d0s0 --> c0t1d0s0 how?16 Sep 2001
 Summary: inetd problem?21 Jun 2001
 Summary: tftp from cisco to sun27 Mar 2001
Muhammad Kashif Siddiqi
 SUMMARY:Ugrading E25003 Dec 2001
Muhammad Mughal
 SUMMARY grep specific column26 Nov 2001
Mukesh Patel
 summary:using scp without being prompted for password11 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: certification exams31 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Multiple Standard Output21 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: RE: SUN Storage L280 on Digital Unix???20 Mar 2001
Murphy, Morgan
 Summary:Changing root passwords on multiple machines02 May 2001
Na Zhou
 [Summary]OT: Does anyone know any mailing list on sybase? Thanks[EOM]10 Oct 2001
Naarsing, Erik
 SUMMARY: vxdump: dump aborted13 Apr 2001
Nadia Nicole
 RE-SUMMARY:Simulate Raid-5 disk failure04 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Simulate Raid-5 disk failure04 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Infodoc/EarlyNotifier 14838 on SunSolve Online12 Feb 2001
Nair, Pravin
 SUMMARY : keys autorepeating12 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY:concatenating disks using Disksuite13 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Cron taking 2 minutes to pull in new crontab16 Feb 2001
Nate Campi
 Summary: E450 trying to auto-boot from net23 Jul 2001
Nathan Fain
 SUMMARY: Samba smbmount on sunny14 Feb 2001
Neill, Mark
 SUMMARY: Packages for Raptor card29 Mar 2001
Neville Gordon
 SUMMARY: Mounting Problem...04 Oct 2001
Newman, Janicia
 SUMMARY (Revised): Virtual links30 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Virtual links30 Jul 2001
Niclas Sdergrd
 SUMMARY: Problems resizing a vx filesystem12 Oct 2001
Nicolas Dorfsman
 SUMMARY : Record problem with IDE cdwriter05 Aug 2001
Nicole Skyrca
 Summary: help installing disksuite 4.2.1 with jumpstart on sol. 830 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: restoring NT files on a Solaris machine15 May 2001
 Summary: Is installing OS on a StorEdge A1000 recommended?04 May 2001
 SUMMARY: E220 hangs when rebooting with "init 6"27 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY:SUNOS4.1.3 question29 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: NIS question27 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: UPDATE: CPU board failure20 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY:cloning and disk geometry31 Jan 2001
Nils K. Schoyen
 SUMMARY: Web-browser for reading email17 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Windows Terminal server & Citrix Metaframe07 May 2001
Noel Hunt
 SUMMARY: Differential SCSI cables03 Mar 2001
O'Neal, Chris
 SUMMARY (II): How to auto-setup DISPLAY, TERM, and key codes for vi, vim, and gvim.16 May 2001
 SUMMARY: How to auto-setup DISPLAY, TERM, and key codes for vi, v im, and g vim.15 May 2001
 SUMMARY: DHCP discovery script09 Mar 2001
O'Yang Kai
 SUMMARY: AC200 with 32 bit kernel?31 May 2001
Olaf Hopp
 SUMMARY: tftp quits after 16 MB05 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: tftp quits after 16 MB05 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: /dev/random22 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: cron audit problem14 Mar 2001
Ole Martin Refvik
 SUMMARY: keep in mind: /sbin/iifconfig issue10 Dec 2001
Oleg Lukyanov
 Semi-Summary: Console Servers Clearification23 Oct 2001
Olivier Masse
 SUMMARY: IP Filter problem13 Jul 2001
Ondrej Florian
 Summary: Sunray12 Dec 2001
 unable to send summary11 Dec 2001
Osama Ahmed
 [SUMMARY]OT: "SunManagers Like" Linux Mailing list16 Nov 2001
 [SUMMARY] Solaris 2.6 file size limitation14 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Disk write I/O error25 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Format16 Sep 2001
Oscar Arranz
 SUMARY II: Startup script as non-root user.23 May 2001
 SUMARY: Startup script as non-root user.23 May 2001
Oscar Knight
 SUMMARY: SunScreen Lite 3.1 - not working19 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Interpreting top output17 Dec 2001
Ottis Richardson
 SUMMARY: File Deletion24 Oct 2001
Owens, Blaine C
 SUMMARY: sunpci and mac address25 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Standalone External DNS Recommendations01 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Eliminate ssh password promp11 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Set up a bootp server20 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Sunblade serial port pinout03 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: DNS retries25 Jan 2001
Ozgur C. Demir
 SUMMARY: Performance Monitoring12 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY : nis+ cred22 Feb 2001
P Sharma
 SUMMARY:Forgot root passwd17 Dec 2001
pa fot
 SUMMARY: Grep for pattern15 Aug 2001
Padmanabhan Ramadurai
 SUMMARY Re: Ultra enterprise 3000 hardware question... (fwd)29 Oct 2001
 Summary: Setting up a printer20 Dec 2001
 Summary: IP Filtering11 Dec 2001
 Summary: No processes starting30 Nov 2001
 Summary: locking down a webserver20 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: tar | tee - tar output buffering problem07 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: How to tell cron to re-read crontab files from shell script?09 Nov 2001
Paraic O'Ceallaigh
 SUMMARY: plotting graphs from cmd line01 May 2001
Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram
 [SUMMARY] SSH2 on SunOS 4.1.404 Apr 2001
Pat turner
 Summary- I need to upgrade Disk Drive15 Feb 2001
Pat Winn
 SUMMARY: Cert Advisory CA-2001-0902 May 2001
Patricio Mora
 SUMMARY: Oracle error rebooting E45014 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: rm6 lost LUNs11 Oct 2001
Patrick L. Nolan
 SUMMARY: SunPCi network errors27 Apr 2001
Patrick Shannon
 SUMMARY : Serial number via software tool?10 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY : RAID Manager software29 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Maintenance Update CD31 Jul 2001
Paul Adair
 SUMMARY: Hopefully an easy one. No email after a CRONTAB job.13 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: HELP PLEASE - System won't boot after ADMINTOOL usage.24 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Re: Sybase on a DiskSuite Mirror.16 Sep 2001
Paul Boot 3267 Systems Administrator
 Summary RIP or EIGRP15 Mar 2001
Paul Kanz
 SUMMARY: ODS 4.1 replica DB27 Jul 2001
Paul Keller
 SUMMARY RE: E10K eeprom settings (fwd)06 Nov 2001
Paul LaMadeleine
 Summary: problem vi'ing large files04 Dec 2001
 Summary: OT:anyone know of an EMC Storage mailing list?07 Sep 2001
paul mcintire
 SUMMARY: DiskSuite Packages? (fwd)25 Sep 2001
Paul Norton
 SUMMARY: Disable a CPU on e650016 Apr 2001
Paul Sinclair
 SUMMARY: How to set Ethernet LAN Speed06 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: NIS+ Ghost entry24 Jul 2001
Paul Trippett
 SUMMARY: Crontab Problems17 Jul 2001
Paul Updike
 SUMMARY: Network Shell/global shell utility25 Jul 2001
Pavlo Baron
 SUMMARY: Ultra5 / m64config / depth 2409 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Ultra5 boot problem07 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Ultra5 / m64config / depth 2407 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY2: Moving A Complete System To An Other Machine04 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Moving A Complete System To An Other Machine02 Dec 2001
Pawan Sood
 SUMMARY: Verifying hardware specs of Ultra-80 workstation25 Oct 2001
Penny Jaye Deeney
 SUMMARY:y2k patches for sunos 4.1.310 May 2001
 Final ? summary - force a network card to 10015 Feb 2001
 followup to summary - force a network card to 10015 Feb 2001
 summary - force a network card to 10009 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: no transceiver found06 Feb 2001
 C compiler for Solaris on i386 architecture29 Aug 2001
Perrier,Kent - PLANO
 SUMMARY: IPSec configuration in Solaris 808 May 2001
Perttunen, Bruce
 SUMMARY : Running "init 6" on Solaris 2.6 (CDE problems)12 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Disable ping02 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Need time of last login for all users07 Jun 2001
Pete Simpson
 SUMMARY: Sun X6286A Tape Drive & E-45029 Nov 2001
 Partial SUMMARY: MTX, E450 & Solaris 2.630 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Mysterious Processor Board17 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: TN3270 for Solaris 2.6 Sparc23 May 2001
 Summary: The continuing saga of "C compiler cannot create executables"17 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: C compiler cannot create executables13 Apr 2001
 Summary: Logging all user activity.17 May 2001
 Summary: Logging all user activity.17 May 2001
Peter Chvany
 SUMMARY: How to determine if we were hacked23 May 2001
Peter G. Sanders
 SUMMARY: mount nodename:/mount-point reason given by server: Permission denied31 Jan 2001
Peter McLarty
 SUMMARY:mounting a CDROM on one system on another.03 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Netra T1 AC200 External SCSI02 May 2001
 SUMMARY:What is the Sun equivalent of Glance on HP20 Mar 2001
Peter ng
 Summary: Fully automated of Jumpstart for Solaris 2.5.119 Dec 2001
Peter Ondruska
 SUMMARY: SunScreen 3.1 Lite interfaces23 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Bad PBR sig13 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: ldap schema for ldap naming06 Sep 2001
Peter Schauss
 SUMMARY: CPU % display for top on a multiprocessor system11 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Host does not appear on XDMCP display manager chooser (H ummingbird) - more info23 Feb 2001
Peter Stokes
 SUMMARY: What version of POST?07 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Does HSI card in U10 need driver for Sol 7?10 Sep 2001
Peter Vos
 Summary: dd to copy harddisk13 Sep 2001
Peter Watkins
 SUMMARY: sendmail spam problem08 Mar 2001
Peterman, Timothy P
 SUMMARY: snmpXdmid errors23 Mar 2001
Phil Scarr
 SUMMARY: Querying files installed by pkgadd07 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Configuration Management for Lots o' systems]26 Mar 2001
 [SUMMARY]: Command to reinitilize a system22 Mar 2001
Philipp Bachmann
 SUMMARY: Compiling for different Solaris-versions10 May 2001
Piard, Frederic
 SUMMARY: Sendmail : missing top level domain07 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Which commercial backup software ?09 Apr 2001
Piotr Wolak
 [SUMMARY] Re: missing Dec 2001
 {SUMMARY] missing Dec 2001
 [SUMMARY] /dev/be on SS2019 Nov 2001
 [SUMMARY}: panic message at boot13 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Problems with Veritas VM06 Jun 2001
Pitts, Jeff P [DCSS]
 Summary: df -k returning abnormal info22 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Implement DHCP on workstations11 Jul 2001
 Summary: Disk usage question:::21 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Server rebooting---Cause unknown04 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Need to gather total memory(real) and number / speed of cpu's13 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY:How can I get a sum total of ALL free disk space10 Apr 2001
 SUMARRY:Suggestions on Moving Large Amount of Data Across File Sy stems22 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: change from named.boot to named.conf27 Feb 2001
Powers, William
 Summary of 4mm Tape Problem12 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Forking17 Sep 2001
Pravin Chavan
 SUMMARY: tracking the source of email 904 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY NFS mount of a _large_ directory14 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: /etc/system is being ignored, Solaris 8 7/0113 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: network transmission errors07 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: E 450, oracle, cluster size etc23 May 2001
Przemyslaw Bak
 SUMMARY: physmem in /etc/system10 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: jumpstart: crc errors10 Jul 2001
Qingping Xu
 SUMMARY: E3500 board temperature?02 Aug 2001
 (Revision) RAID performance30 Aug 2001
R. Marc Baldus
 Summary: Compiling Errors17 Oct 2001
 Summary: Transferring printers in Jetadmin17 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: EMC CLARiiON FC4700 SAN15 Mar 2001
Rachel Polanskis
 SUMMARY: 5.8 Jumpstart "config_nsswitch" error18 Jul 2001
 Summary: printing to a samba printer11 Nov 2001
 Summary :Rdist problem09 Oct 2001
 SummaryRe: Backup script05 Sep 2001
 summary: How to change the color depth in solaris runnung on ultra1016 Aug 2001
 Summary: Veritas problem07 Aug 2001
Rahul Sen
 SUMMARY: mailing list for iplanet23 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: LDAP authentication for Solaris816 Feb 2001
Rainer Heilke
 Summary: SunPCI problems17 Aug 2001
Raj, Dilip
 Summary:: boot cdrom gives error Fast Data Access MMU miss.25 Oct 2001
 Summary: Scripts to copy File System daily from one node to anoth er18 Oct 2001
 Summary:: Solstice Backup Upgrade06 Sep 2001
 Summary::Adding disks in A5000 Using luxadm17 Aug 2001
 Summary:: Port /dev/term/b is busy10 Aug 2001
 Summary: RE: Sun machine reboot itself13 Jul 2001
 Summary: rsh execution11 Jul 2001
 Summary:::Solstice backup 5.5.1 problem on Solaris 2.5121 May 2001
 summary of Link Down problem on Modem port /dev/term/b12 Apr 2001
Rajmund Siwik
 SUMMARY: LANG setup question31 May 2001
Rami Aubourg
 SUMMARY: Clustering two Netras or Solaris x8608 Nov 2001
Randy Ketner
 [SUMMARY] Solaris8 Intel Memory Limit14 Nov 2001
Randy Romero
 SUMMARY: prtdiag -v info17 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Installation Question05 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: prtdiag output error.30 Nov 2001
Rasal RKU23 Kumarage
 SUMMARY: utmpx entry28 May 2001
Rasmussen, Thorfinn T
 SUMMARY: e250 hanging30 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: sds/veritas15 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: priority paging25 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Disappeared memory22 May 2001
Ravi Channavajhala
 SUMMARY: FTP weirdity....01 Oct 2001
Ravi Sandesh
 SUMMARY: /var file system 100%28 Jun 2001
Raymond Pang
 Summary: How to retain the controller no. of A5200?08 Aug 2001
 VERY LATE SUMMARY: Freeware X emulation Software18 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Sendmail configuration23 Aug 2001
Reichert, Alan
 Summary: Netra t1-105 - disk size question19 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY II: Recovery on Inodes?30 May 2001
 SUMMARY Correction: Recovery on Inodes?30 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Recovery on Inodes?30 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Creating an intentional bottleneck on ethernet interfac e03 May 2001
 SUMMARY : DLT 8000 - Autoloader20 Sep 2001
Ric Anderson
 SUMMARY: Need tool to list package dependencies?18 May 2001
Richard Cove
 [SUMMARY]: permission denied on socket13 Oct 2001
Richard Grace
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart Oddity14 Nov 2001
Richard O'Mahony
 rc3.d scripts -- SUMMARY22 Aug 2001
Richard R. Morgan
 SUMMARY: MU's and Patches09 Nov 2001
Richard Zinar
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 JumpStart server set-up24 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 JumpStart server set-up19 Oct 2001
Richard Zoch
 SUMMARY: Third-party/low-cost Ethernet NICs for the 220R22 May 2001
 SUMMARY : IP Multi-pathing without IRDP (was : SUMMARY Dual Ether net fail-over?)14 May 2001
 IP Multi-pathing without IRDP (was : SUMMARY Dual Ethernet fail-o ver?)08 May 2001
Richardson, James
 Summary: jumpstart for netra X131 Jul 2001
Rick Francis
 SUMMARY: grinding disks04 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: 18g disks with 7506 cyl shorted01 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: security clearance29 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: dlt hot pluggable22 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: dlt 7000 tape compatibility22 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: upgrade via nfs13 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: disksuite ioctl error07 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: unmirror disksuite06 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: setup a new MX record03 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: disksuite help26 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: ssh doubles /etc/motd23 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: ssh/scp slow19 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: /etc/system valuese17 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: /etc/rc2.d/S69inet fails17 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: system coming up - not16 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: relaying denied16 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: stop+a on a lightwave15 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: ls listing files by time12 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: power off then on11 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: sol7 and sunw_1_208 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: mount nfs fs fails03 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: xterm connectivity blocked02 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: ultra2 floppy drive problem26 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY #2: veritas inconsistency11 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: veritas inconsistency11 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: ntpd18 Jan 2001
Ricky Kris
 Summary:RAID Manager 6.22 on Solaris 803 Nov 2001
Rigoberto Trevio Mendoza
 SUMMARY: name resolution11 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: migration question18 Jan 2001
Rikard Stemland Skjelsvik
 Summary: Restricting useraccess through the network18 Apr 2001
 Summary: Need help with useradministration27 Mar 2001
 Summary (sort of) :Restricting use of su and ftp20 Mar 2001
ritesh patel
 SUMMARY: pro's & con'c of SDS vs. Veritas06 Dec 2001
 UPDATE....ftp problems16 Aug 2001
 Summary - finding the boot device02 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY : converting / (ufs) to / (vxfs)11 Jun 2001
 Summary : command similar to IOSCAN in Solaris21 Feb 2001
 Summary: another way to transfer files15 Feb 2001
 Another Summary: need help with scripting15 Feb 2001
 Summary: need help with scripting09 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY...editing /etc/services file04 Jan 2001
Rivera, Angel R
 SUMMARY:Xinerama14 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Partitioning during Jumpstart12 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart revisted02 Jul 2001
 Summary: eeprom password22 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Sun Blade 100 and NFS11 May 2001
 SUMMARY: tftp and Solaris 8 01/0130 Apr 2001
 Summary: Max Processor Speed on Sun E-45030 Nov 2001
Rob Helmer
 SUMMARY: .tcsh and /etc/csh.cshrc on Solaris 712 Dec 2001
Rob Lyle
 SUMMARY: SPARCstation 5 - Sol 8 on ST39150N13 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: SPARCstation 5 - Sol 8 on ST39150N13 Sep 2001
Robert Alexander
 SUMMARY: OT: Searchable SunManagers list archive17 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: suggestions for MX server02 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: network install of Solaris 8: Could not mount filesystem27 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Project planning software04 Jan 2001
Robert Bannocks
 SUMMARY: Dell Precision 33004 Dec 2001
Robert Borowicz
 Summary: DHCP07 Dec 2001
Robert L. Harris
 SUMMARY: RM6 email notification01 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: rj45-->db25 adapters16 Aug 2001
 Summary: Why'd I crash?28 Jul 2001
 Summary: emc power path and veritas11 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: odd crash06 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Veritas, DMP and no paths.22 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY:Re: Memory consumption script07 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY:Memory consumption script06 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: E450 question on DIMM09 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY- DLT 7000 ufsdump compression17 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Bad DDS3 Tape Drive?01 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY:Server stopping at ok prompt17 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY:Can you mount the same filesytem to multiple servers?08 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY:Recovering data from a bad hard drive?08 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: uptime command does not show days02 Aug 2001
Robertson Mats
 SUMMARY: Inf file for sun21" monitor14 Mar 2001
Roderik Muit
 OOPS: SUMMARY: Remote installing Solaris 8 on Netra X1 from NON-Sun bootserver?21 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Remote installing Solaris 8 on Netra X1 from NON-Sun bootserver?21 Dec 2001
Rodney Simioni
 SUMMARY: Disk Suite12 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet07 Jul 2001
Rodney Wines
 SUMMARY: Netscape 4.75 Installation Problem17 Feb 2001
 Summary: Trunking - Sun QFE Cards with Cabletron(Enterasys) Smart Switch 6000 (Matrix 6)25 Sep 2001
roy albin
 summary:alt.boot disk09 Dec 2001
Ruairi Newman
 SUMMARY: 2nd Network Interface in Netra t103 Jul 2001
Ruair Newman
 SUMMARY: Upgrading Solaris 8 to libstdc++ v3.0.105 Oct 2001
Ruben Alvarez Timon
 SUMMARY: adding priviledged ports29 Oct 2001
Ryan Matteson
 SUMMARY: Creating RAID 1+0 volumes with Disksuite05 Jun 2001
Ryan McEwan
 Summary: Sun 280R vs 220R and new machines announcing next week28 Oct 2001
 Summary strange problem with new netra T1 AC20007 Sep 2001
 Summary: checkpoint firewall on Sun Ultra1 Solaris 2.620 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Disksuite 1+0 Volumes10 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: vmstat w column greater than number of procs?05 Jun 2001
Rytting, Chad
 SUMMARY: ntp23 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY: how can a java prg run as root without launching it as root ?16 Jul 2001
sadfsdf safsadf
 SUMMARY RE: Career Progression07 Feb 2001
Safdar Mirza
 how to umount...06 Jul 2001
Sai Mohan Sara
 SUMMARY: Backup with UFSDUMP04 Apr 2001
sajan s
 SUMMARY: imap and nologin31 Jul 2001
 Partial SUMMARY: Netra-X1 jumpstart configuration error25 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY [20 GB IDE Disk on 2.5.1]26 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: swap space less than allocated!!27 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Linux NIS client does not alow log-in05 Feb 2001
sajeev nv
 SUMMARY:ifconfig ............16 Aug 2001
Sal Serafino
 SUMMARY - Repeating emails19 Dec 2001
Sam Don
 SUMMARY: Netscape freezes when pdf is displayed12 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Unix permissions on Samba12 Apr 2001
 (Not really)SUMMARY: Samba and Permissions04 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Printing from wrong tray20 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Strange shell problems06 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Perl help (formatting lmstat output)15 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 7 vs. 805 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY: Renaming core files (preventing overwrite)02 Feb 2001
Sam Mabjish
 SUMMARY: Binary Compatibility Libraries05 Oct 2001
Sam Ou
 SUMMARY: Problem with openssh 3.0.2p124 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: How to change resolution for solaris 8?17 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Any good postscript viewer for Solaris 8?15 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: SUNWsprot missing when installing Sunscreen 3.1 lite15 Dec 2001
Samir Goel
 SUMMARY: rsh problem16 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY:: RE: rsh problem14 Dec 2001
Sandy Gordon
 SUMMARY: Preserving DiskSuite metadevices across an upgrade27 Aug 2001
Sanjay Jha
 SUMMARY for JFS for sun04 May 2001
Sankar sankar
 Fwd: SUMMARY ufsdump and multiple volumes15 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY : Re: NFS and versions15 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY : Re: NFS and versions15 Feb 2001
Sankar, Murali
 SUMMARY: Sun WorkShop08 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Sun WorkShop07 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: StorEdge L9 Autoloader14 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Remove a software14 Jun 2001
 DLT 8000 on Sol 8 (Leonard, Roger)15 May 2001
 SUMMARY : LOM - AC200 Netra03 Oct 2001
Santimore, Matt
 SUMMARY: request script for pkgadd17 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Pkgadd error15 Nov 2001
Santosh Krishnan
 [SUMMARY] Network slowdowns - where would you start looking?11 Jan 2001
 [SUMMARY] - NFS Question04 Jan 2001
Santosh M Hulkund
 SUMMARY: Help request while checking dmesg........24 Jul 2001
Santosh Rangdal
 SUMMARY: Performance Monitoring31 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY{Controllers on Solaris}22 Nov 2001
Sara SaiMohan
 SUMMARY: Stack and Heap Memory24 May 2001
 SUMMARY: su & ssh30 Mar 2001
 Summary : Ultra 5 &10 Keyboard31 Jan 2001
Schlaich, Florian
 SUMMARY: temperatures on E10k20 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Veritas and Jumpstart12 Feb 2001
Scott Adkins
 [SUMMARY] Read-Only Ethernet Interface?25 Sep 2001
Scott Grantham
 SUMMARY: Netra X1 IP Setup Problem20 Aug 2001
Scott McCool
 SUMMARY: re: Help configuring Storedge t3 -- host adapter card no t working?01 Aug 2001
 UPDATE re: Help configuring Storedge t3 -- host adapter card not working?26 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Diagnosing totally dead E450 after A/C failure -- no p ower lights at all02 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: best way to distribute GNU software on Solaris21 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: passing hostname to dhcp server05 Mar 2001
Scott Ruffner
 SUMMARY: problems adding a second interface12 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: UFS Corruption/Panics30 Jan 2001
 Summary: 220R Door10 Dec 2001
 Summary: 220R Door10 Dec 2001
 Summary: 220R Door10 Dec 2001
 Summary : Sheel trouble shooting for root15 Feb 2001
 summary : shell trouble shooting for root14 Feb 2001
 Summary : tracking user07 Feb 2001
Senthil Kumar A
 summary for the cdrom problem in ultra6005 Mar 2001
Serkan Ketenci
 SUMMARY: Crypting passwords16 May 2001
Shailendra Trivedi
 Summary laserjet Printer not printing postscript file30 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY - Partition resize06 Jan 2001
Shane Hickey
 SUMMARY quotas and /var/mail24 Sep 2001
Shawn Tagseth
 [SUMMARY] Invincible22 Nov 2001
 Summary31 Dec 2001
Shouben Zhou
 Summary: disk tool09 May 2001
 Summary: strange console messages03 Apr 2001
Shriman Gurung
 SUMMARY FOLLOWUP: rsh from NT 4 to Solaris 8 intermittently fails?09 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: rsh from NT 4 to Solaris 8 intermittently fails?04 Apr 2001
Siddavatam, Chandrasekhar
 SUMMARY: TOP04 Jun 2001
Siddhartha Jain
 Summary: Tip configuration12 Dec 2001
 Summary: Testing RAM chips11 Oct 2001
 Summary: network performance tuning03 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY : Sun Network Cache and Accelerator (SNCA)14 Jun 2001
 Summary: Setting time zone08 Jun 2001
 Summary: Maintenance Updates08 May 2001
 Summary : Capacity planning and performance measurement08 May 2001
 Summary : differential vs. internal SCSI adaptor16 Feb 2001
 Summary : Difference between patchcluster and MU16 Feb 2001
Sigbjorn Strommen
 SUMMARY: Backup server device problems [HP LTO]19 Nov 2001
Simon Thompson
 SUMMARY: Root disk15 Nov 2001
Simon-Bernard Drolet
 SUMMARY: HP OfficeJet G85 and Solaris.29 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: iPlanet Directory Services and vlvindex ???25 May 2001
Slamet Fadilah
 SUMMARY: Board Temperature26 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Keyboard Problem27 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY : Log of all console messages01 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY : system panic [cpu 4] / thread = 0x....24 May 2001
 SUMMARY: TapeAutoloader L9 for Solstice Backup (SBU) Application14 May 2001
Smith Cathy-CSMITH4
 SUMMARY: Driver for Console Framebuffer missing14 May 2001
 SUMMARY...Re: tcsh Shell and ftp07 Feb 2001
Solaris Admin
 SUMMARY:Changing Time Zone05 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: stop+a from pc console13 Nov 2001
Spiro Harvey
 SUMMARY: NFS permission probs with CDROM28 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: sunos 4.1.4 maximum disk size19 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: sparcstation 5 not booting. maybe nis?28 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: BIND vulnerabilities31 Jan 2001
 Summary:A5000 Message26 Sep 2001
 remote dump. and ftping directly into the dlt drive of a remote machice11 Nov 2001
Sreedharan, Anil
 Summary: ADIC SCALAR 100 detection problems16 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Disksuite - concatenation21 Oct 2001
Sridhar Vaka
 SUMMARY: File with no name25 Apr 2001
 File with no name25 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY:: CPU04 Jan 2001
 Summary21 Feb 2001
 Summary20 Feb 2001
Stacey Conrad
 SUMMARY: resume printing to remote printer25 Sep 2001
Steffen Tang
 SUMMARY : CDE Screen resolution07 Feb 2001
 Summary : DHCP cant start01 Feb 2001
 SUMMARY:Cant login, No utmpx entry26 Jan 2001
Stephanie Clay
 ge.conf parameters-Summary08 Jun 2001
 disabling disksuite: Summary20 Mar 2001
 Summary-Enterprise 250 will not boot after attaching raid drives02 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY- Enterprise 250 will not boot after attaching raid drives20 Feb 2001
Stephen Kelly
 SUMMARY: Disaster Recovery Issue: Rebuilding a system on different hardware from Tape25 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Consistent and wide spread SCSI chain warnings20 Feb 2001
Stephen Reeves
 Summary: file size limit issue?27 Sep 2001
 Summary: RE: file size limit issue?27 Sep 2001
Stephen Toupin
Stephen Waelder
 [SUMMARY] Replacing or Modifying /usr/dt/config/images/Solaris.im821 Nov 2001
Steve Chapman
 SUMMARY: Send Break Signal Through HyperTerminal20 Dec 2001
Steve Dubinskiy
 SUMMARY: Force different speed on separate NICs via /etc/system29 Nov 2001
Steve Elliott
 SUMMARY - SunFire graphics16 Nov 2001
Steve Hastings
 Summary: Jumpstart Netra X1, what gotcha's having problem getting past23 Oct 2001
 Summary: Jumpstart Netra X1, what gotcha's having problem getting past23 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: How to tell which disk your booted on. VXVM encapsulated disks.02 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY:Root Password Aging, How to shut off. No solution.04 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY:Gigabit Ethernet problems no link light SUMMARY: Still slow though.14 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY:Gigabit Ethernet problems no link light. AND MORE: Still slow though.09 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Anyone know where snmpwalk is at for Solaris 2.6, not in the default install.07 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 jumpstart, Still having password transplant pr oblems, sysidcfg03 Jan 2001
Steve Heitke
 SUMMARY: jumpstart problem29 Mar 2001
Steve Humphrey
 ADDENDUM: RE: SUMMARY: Backups of Sun PCI user image15 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Backups of Sun PCI user image14 May 2001
Steve Mickeler
 SUMMARY: IP Network Multipathing25 Jun 2001
Steve Wills
 SUMMARY: parityck?15 Nov 2001
Steven Sakata
 SUMMARY: YASSP disabling rsh and rcp?17 Apr 2001
Stuart Little
 SUMMARY: Sendmail 8.8.8 (or 8.8.8+Sun)30 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Changing NIS server to Sol 2.6 breaks automounter25 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: date displays wrong DST09 Jan 2001
Stuart Morris
 SUMMARY: Newbie Dual Boot question.15 Nov 2001
Stuart Price
 SUMMARY: Urgent NFS problem13 Feb 2001
Stuart Whitby
 Summary: Blade video14 Nov 2001
 WARNING - Re: SUMMARY: telnet as root01 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: ndd TCP parameters19 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: in.lpda12 Apr 2001
Sudheer K
 Summary : Boot Solaris with less memory than avaialble17 Apr 2001
 Summary: Can I dual boot solaris 2.5.1 and solaris 2.718 Oct 2001
Sudheesh Krishnankutty
 Summary: RTTI Gives Segmentation Fault - Solaris 2.6 - CC 5.013 Jun 2001
 Summary: Workshop Patches09 Jun 2001
 Summary: Connect no route to host28 May 2001
sudhir sama
 Summary:Problem in ufsdump/ufsrestore and tar14 Aug 2001
 Summary: Tool to find out which slots are in use29 Jul 2001
Sue Peterson
 SUMMARY: DLT Tape / WIN2k Backup08 Nov 2001
Sue Thielen
 SUMMARY: Slow sqlplus with solaris13 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Is this network card toast?09 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: yassp And telnet/ftp01 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY : DLT gone bad?18 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: NetBackup not working17 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY : Panic Errors10 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY : syslog not logging.. again15 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY :15 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Netra T1 105 slow network11 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY : tli_socket: Not enough space30 May 2001
 SUMMARY - Stripping out non-printable characters.04 May 2001
 SUMMARY - Slow NetBackup01 May 2001
 SUMMARY : Problems with Veritas and Oracle on Sun09 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY - Disksuite and Veritas Volume Manager Documentation04 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY II - Ultra 5 Problems22 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY - Ultra 5 Problems22 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY - Problems compiling apache with raven on Netra Solaris 722 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY - Netra T1-105 going into PROM...18 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY - Netra T1 10518 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY - Find Problem18 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY - System block Size and searchable archives.18 Jan 2001
Sugan Moodley
 SUMMARY: Purchasing non-SUN Ram for Sun Ultra1011 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Enabling IPv6 on Solaris 8 SPARC 07/0103 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Enabling IPv6 on Solaris 8 SPARC 07/0130 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: solaris kernel help24 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: NetApp Filer, Solaris 8 with Oracle22 Jun 2001
Suhairi Mansor
 SUMMARY: DDS-4 on E350011 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY:Cannot boot after restore24 Apr 2001
Sun Bob
 SUMMARY: how to backup encapsulated rootdg]21 Jun 2001
Sun Liu
 SUMMARY: telnet problem10 May 2001
Sun M. account
 SUMMARY: increate share memory27 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Re: How to list NFS connections (on the server side)?08 Feb 2001
Sun solaris
 Summary:Setting up NTP Server18 Jun 2001
 summary: Copying data from filesystems06 Jun 2001
 Summary: Solaris with Oracle 8.1.631 May 2001
 Summary : OS patch level31 May 2001
 Summary: Duplicating accounts across multiple systems without NIS17 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Fixing a screwed up xterm31 May 2001
 SUMMARY: NFS and automount problem21 Aug 2001
Suresh Rajagopalan
 SUMMARY: Password changing problems26 Apr 2001
Surinder S. Dio
 [SUMMARY] T3E & Sunblade 1000 Onboard FC-AL / NFS Server (Veritas Cluster)13 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Problem opening PDF-files attachments in DtMail07 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Rejecting spam / unsolicited mail on Solaris06 Nov 2001
system administration account
 SUMMARY ERRATA: /usr/dt & /usr/openwin removal?21 Dec 2001
Szab Attila
 SUMMARY: iso image file mount03 Sep 2001
Tabrez Shaikh
 SUMMARY: Problems with gcc on Solaris 730 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: ftp problem28 Oct 2001
 Summary: How are SCSI target ids decided ?11 Jul 2001
Tajinder Panesar
 SUMMARY: OS distribution04 Apr 2001
Tan Tshun Kiat
 SUMMARY: Sun Ray Enterprise server software 1.3?26 Dec 2001
Terje J. Hanssen
 SUMMARY: SSH Secure Shell for Sparc/Solaris14 Sep 2001
 Summary: What's New in Solaris 8 [4/01]14 May 2001
 SUMMARY: SYSERR(root) NIS messages written on client's screen06 May 2001
 SUMMARY 2: Sun4c clients on Solaris 8 (continue)06 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Sun4c clients on Solaris 812 Feb 2001
Terry Ewing
 SUMMARY: Dual homed RAID cabinets20 Nov 2001
Terry Franklin
 SUMMARY: access to machine in single user mode09 Mar 2001
the sunlover2
 SUMMARY: Dynamic DNS for Solaris Materials25 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: /usr/ucb/cc error message - gcc compiling problem.03 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: gcc problem in compiling Libpcap & Snort under Solaris 828 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: How to open ports / services from YASSP23 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: How to setup ADSL of PPPoE on Solaris 8 ?22 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: NIC on SPARC does not work16 Sep 2001
Thien Vu
 SUMMARY: Unplumbing interface associated with machine name02 Nov 2001
Thomas Bader
 SUMMARY: Compiling Software for Solaris 828 Oct 2001
Thomas Cannon
 SUMMARY: Temperature woes?04 Dec 2001
Thomas Carter
 SUMMARY: Flashing CD-ROM02 May 2001
Thomas Jones
 SUMMARY: iPlanet LDAP on VCS?26 Sep 2001
Thomas Knox
 SUMMARY: SAR log analysis14 May 2001
 SUMMARY: VxFS Conversion Tool23 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Can't run TCP Wrappers10 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: Weird ps output02 Mar 2001
Thomas Lester
 SUMMARY: Local UNIX mail with Netscape?22 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: changing reply-to for a user...?22 Nov 2001
Thomas M. Payerle
 Summary: Detecting failures of redundant hardware25 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Disksuite: Mirroring on a 2 disk system17 Aug 2001
Thomas Rose
 sumary: summary20 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: script that determines its own path06 Sep 2001
 Summary: emc disks are too late28 Aug 2001
 Summary: non-interactive Jumpstart, E10K, and Solaris 8: how02 Jun 2001
Tim Carlson
 Summary: Maxtor 91021U2 IDE on Solaris 2.6 Ultra 1001 Mar 2001
Tim Chipman
 SUMMARY: SunRay1 Xsession to Linux Box - Keyboard map oddity28 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Build Qpopper 4.0.3 on SparcSol8 with TLS/SSL & Kerberos515 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Sparc, Intel Solaris 8 GigE NIC recommendations (Sun, 3rd party..)15 Nov 2001
 FYI: Free Open Source RDP Client for Solaris-> Windows TrmServer Access14 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Patchadd woes - solaris 2.6 [horribly overdue..]05 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Q: Solaris 2.6, DiskSuite 4.2 & "logging UFS" setup (migration from non-logging disksuite setup)30 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: SunA1000-72gb disks // QuantumSnap12000 & Solaris .. queries18 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: GNU-TAR & Dump to Remote Tape Drive Server20 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Netscape 4.77 Crashing, AcrobatReader 4.05 Printing Problems28 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: BlackBox Mail Server-> WEB Interface for user PW,Fwd setting ?20 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: SunRay Scaling, Gigabit vs 100mbit uplink, etc etc.27 Feb 2001
Tim Chong
 SUMMARY: gcc & default PERL in Solaris 814 Aug 2001
Tim Evans
 SUMMARY: OBP Update for UltraSPARC-IIi-Engine06 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY (Interim): SUNPci 2.2.2 Reboots System27 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Replacement Video Adaptor for AXi16 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Post-Upgrade "Certification" for Solaris08 Jun 2001
Tim Schaab
 [SUMMARY] Imaging and Recovering Solaris 8 Machines22 Nov 2001
Timothy Lorenc
 SUMMARY: Sun Netra T1 LOM Documentation29 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Memor for an Ultra1024 Jun 2001
Tobias Lundquist
 SUMMARY: Problem with ultra 5 and Symbios SCSI.23 Sep 2001
Tobias Oetiker
 SUMMARY: Setting SunRay Screen Resolution29 Jun 2001
 (a non-)SUMMARY: SunRay Resolution Settings06 Jun 2001
Toby Rider
 Summary: files named: /.SeCuRiTy. on Solaris server24 Jul 2001
 Summary: Solaris 7 install on Netra T1 200?13 Mar 2001
Todd Herr
 SUMMARY 2: Allowing non-root access to RM 6.22 commands?27 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Allowing non-root access to RM 6.22 commands?27 Aug 2001
Todd McLain
 SUMMARY: Netra X1 Password Recovery26 Jun 2001
Todd Nugent
 SUMMARY: 75 GB disk on Ultra-1009 Apr 2001
Todd S. Broucksou
 SUMMARY: Need to restrict user account login to su only (Solaris 7)31 May 2001
Tom Zurita
 SUMMARY: Pros and Cons of Booting Solaris From a SAN ( Specifically and EMC)29 May 2001
 SUMMARY: 3rd party tape libraries/drives02 Oct 2001
Tonny Verberk
 SUMMARY: Pop-up window11 Jan 2001
Tony Brown
 SUMMARY: Failed login timer?30 Aug 2001
 Summary: Network monitoring18 May 2001
Tony Fitzgerald
 SUMMARY:Error opening PAM libraries19 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY FTP Problem22 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY2: Netra t1 Returns to Ok Prompt17 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: Netra t1 Returns to Ok Prompt17 Aug 2001
Tony Jenness
 SUMMARY: Netbackup & PC Netlink on Solaris 2.614 Nov 2001
Tony Tran
 [Summary] 36GB 10k rpm internal disk drive for the Ultra 6008 Oct 2001
 Partial Summary: How to convert regular sun client to a DHCP client24 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Flash PROM upgrade for Ultra 1017 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Booting/devalias problem on U60 & Sun Managers archives20 Jul 2001
 Summary: DLT 4700 tape library diagnostics27 Jun 2001
 Summary: sunsolve patches and bugtraqs question27 Jun 2001
 Summary: Sun's Marketing part number vs Hardware part number27 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: sendmail question (masquerading)12 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: ping -s subnet hangs (on SunOS host)12 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: NTP question: tickadj -s does not work on Solaris 7/830 Mar 2001
 Summary: Where is the Solstice Disksuite SDS 4.2.x pkgadd package12 Feb 2001
 Summary: How to reset EEPROM or change to Diag mode at power up12 Feb 2001
Torben Lauritsen
 SUMMARY: NFS exports fails under NIS+ (Solaris 8)22 Jul 2001
 ANSWER: "RE: need how-to Crontab last wednesday everymonth.."29 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: out of swap / /tmp full24 Jan 2001
Trevor Paquette
 SUMMARY: Sun Cobalt Raq4 Question: How to force 100MbFD on interfaces?30 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: Netra t1 200 prom and jumpstart problems11 Oct 2001
Tristan Ball
 SUMMARY: Process cleanup.02 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: Moving CPU's31 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: L1000 SCSI parity errors.14 Jun 2001
Ultra Sparc
 SUMMARY Memory Configuration26 Dec 2001
Umesh Potbhare
 SUMMARY: Not recognizing 4GB memory18 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: How to reset the firmware password on Ultra 450?30 Jul 2001
Ungo, Carlos Enrique
 SUMMARY: NIC Load balancing31 Jan 2001
Unix Admin
 SUMMARY: VGA vs 13w1303 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY: NIS+ problems / ssh & NIS+ keylogin13 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Installing Creator3dGraphics Card18 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: SSH with tcpwrappers06 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: !!URGENT!! Expand filesystem with07 Nov 2001
Vaka Sridhar
 SUMMARY2: rc3 script problem16 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: rc3 script problem10 Oct 2001
Valeriy Glinskiy
 SUMMARY: auto_direct and NIS+ trouble24 Dec 2001
Vangelis Haniotakis
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 /dev/hme driver woes03 Oct 2001
vasilis iliadis
 SUMMARY:init 5 and corrupted filesystem17 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY:format does not recognise hard disks17 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: CPU speed09 May 2001
 SUMMARY: How NIS+ works24 Aug 2001
 Summary: System reboot - many times17 Apr 2001
 Summary: Update the disk's firmware17 Apr 2001
Vern Walls
 SUMMARY: Veritas largefiles problem24 Jun 2001
Vikas S
 Strange problem with "ls" (SUMMARY 2)03 Apr 2001
Vinarsky, Boris
 Summary: The top command for I/O25 Sep 2001
vinay kant cs student
 unsubscribe30 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Password expiry23 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: Quick question15 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: sendmail question29 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Certified Solaris Admin.15 Feb 2001
Vince Gonzalez
 SUMMARY: oracle backup recommendations17 May 2001
 SUMMARY: Slow access to directories with high number of files29 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: Uninstall Linux from Sun Ultra 1024 May 2001
Vincent McIntyre
 SUMMARY: vold dies and won't restart02 Feb 2001
Vipin Gupta
 SUMMARY: Broken rmmount in latest Kernel Patch of Solaris724 Jan 2001
Vipin Sharma - EDS Datacenter Contractor
 SUMMARY:How to find two line through grep?22 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY:Advantage of Veritas VM over SDS08 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY:uname -a19 Sep 2001
 SUMMARY: PDF to HTML22 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: Adaptec 29160N on Solaris8 x8628 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY: How to add new hard drives to StorEdge A100019 Sep 2001
Vlade Ristevski
 Summary: last command14 Dec 2001
 SUMMARY (addendum) :Graphics on Netra t 112527 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY:Graphics on Netra t 112527 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: print accounting02 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Removing lines after getting perticular text08 Oct 2001
Wade Burgett
 SUMMARY: Changing Video Cards from Creator 3D to Elite 3D11 Oct 2001
Walker, Joseph M
 SUMMARY: Sun Cluster Panic?31 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: SunFire 6800 Problem16 Jul 2001
Walse Chen
 [SUMMARY] Why the power is not redundancy?01 Feb 2001
 Summary: How to do "stop-A" on PC hypertem26 Jan 2001
Walt Sullivan
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart install doesn't boot Solaris 728 Mar 2001
Werner Sauheitl
 SUMMARY:dmesg_2processors14 Aug 2001
 SUMMARY:Timesync from NT11 May 2001
Wildemann Markus
 SUMMARY: PC Graphic Card06 Dec 2001
Wilkinson, Daniel
 SUMMARY: Perhaps Off Topic (sorry) Searching Word Docs in Solaris05 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY: GCC not able to create executables05 Jul 2001
 SUMMARY 2: grep for more than single lines18 Jun 2001
 SUMMARY: grep for more than single lines18 Jun 2001
William Robertson
 SUMMARY UPDATE: Controlling/Modifying user environment with Modules12 Oct 2001
 Summary: Controlling/Modifying user environment with Modules11 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: grep-ing for a next line information02 Oct 2001
William Yodlowsky
 SUMMARY II: sag28 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: sag26 Mar 2001
 SUMMARY: Re: Security26 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY Re: /tmp and quotas - oops25 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY Re: /tmp and quotas25 Jan 2001
 SUMMARY Re: maxuprc24 Jan 2001
Wimmer, Jeffrey
 SUMMARY: Install of Solaris 811 Sep 2001
Witold Paluszynski
 SUMMARY: solaris system upgrade26 May 2001
Wolf Schaefer
 Summary X xinerama mode03 Jun 2001
 <SUMMARY: Problems with installing solaris 2.6 on ultra-523 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Problems with Sun Storage Volume Manager08 Nov 2001
 SUMMARY: Kernel version question: showrev != uname14 Jul 2001
Wyatt Song
 SUMMARY: SED problem23 Oct 2001
 Summary: Veritas quick I/O22 Feb 2001
Xu, Ying
 Summary: system full messages correct?09 Jan 2001
Yossi Gold
 SUMMARY: Changing The Screen Resolution On My Common Desktop Environment.26 Jun 2001
 Gzip size limit - Summary14 May 2001
Yuehua Liu
 SUMMARY: maximum number of threads per process08 Oct 2001
 SUMMARY: opinions on SUN's sendmail15 Oct 2001
Zhou, Xiang
 SUMMARY: System crash again and again!12 Apr 2001
 SUMMARY: How can I install NIS service on Solaris 7?20 Feb 2001

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