SUMMARY: mount local home directory

From: Kenneth Hung <>
Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 04:20:13 EST
Hi all,

Thanks for many comments.
Almost all suggest I should use automount and now
I did the followings

(1) Export the /export/home in all clients
# vi /etc/dfs/dfstab
share -F nfs /export/home
(2) Start the NFS daemons if not yet started
# /etc/init.d/nfs.server start
(3) Share the resources
# shareall
(4) Edit /etc/auto_direct and put all the resources including those from

# vi /etc/auto_direct

## resource from server
/usr/local server:/usr/local
/project server:/project

## resources from each client
/local/home1    client1:/export/home
/local/home2    client2:/export/home
/local/home10  client10:/export/home

(5) Create mount point /local/homeX in each client and server
where "X" stands for clients' number, say 1,2,3...

(6) Refresh the automount daemon in each clients and server
# automount -v

All done

However, I still want to find out the better way instead of typing the
auto_direct file
in each client and server

Best Regards,
Kenneth Hung
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