SUMMARY: dhcp and dns resolution (ping, netscape, etc.) on Solari s 2.8

From: Adrian Stovall <>
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 18:12:54 EDT
Thanks Dan (I had to kill nscd first, since it was running)...restarting
nscd did the trick.

<dan said>

start nscd



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Hi, I'm new to 2.8, and just installed it on an intel box using DHCP for
address assignment.  I left Name service set to "none" (I'm just used to
solaris 2.6, I guess) and manually set up nsswitch.conf and resolv.conf.

nslookup works fine, but for some reason, netscape and ping insist that (for example) is an unknown host.  How do I fix this?

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