SUMMARY: Solaris 2.7, A1000 and Raid Manager 6.1.1

From: <>
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 07:00:57 EST
Thank's to Casper Dik and Ricky Kris who point out that the following 
patches are needed:-

106552-04    -    Application / Driver Update
106513-05    -    Firmware / Application Update
107458-08    -    Application / Kernel Update

The first one is the really important one for an upgrade.  The README 
sectionis vitally important for this patch.

>I've just upgraded a server and I'm have a few problems.  My principal 
>concern is that on boot up I'm getting several errors about 64-bit driver 

>modules not being found.  The most worrying of these are relared to the 
>rdnexus drivers that power an A1000 raid array.  Has anyone come across 
>similar difficulties and can they help me find a solution rapidly?


Bernard McAuley,
Mindspeed Technologies,
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