SUMMARY: [Q] how long should I clean the DLT tape driver?

From: bbb bb <>
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 07:59:52 EST
Thank you for the help.  I got three answers:

  1. 200 hours
  2. couple of weeks
  3. two to three times a year.

My original post:

>We have a SUN L9 tape library connect to E280R.  The SUN L9 is DLT8000
>Base on L9 document, if tape driver dirty, it will show "brush" on panel.  

>have been use
>L9 for more than 3 months and at least one hour per day.  I did NOT see
>"brush" display.  Does anyone know what wrong it is?  How long should I
clean it up?


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