SUMMARY: FC-100P fiberchannel card and Enterprise 420R

From: Borja Marcos <>
Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 - 12:13:49 EST
	Sorry for the delay. I received only an answer and I was waiting for
more ;-)

	Thanks to Gary Losito. He suggested that it might be a problem with
the card not being properly seated. He said that some E220R and E420R
have had heating problems and the card could have been pulled out of
the socket, receiving power but not being detected by the system.

	The card was indeed detected; it showed up in OpenBoot, but it was
not initialised properly. We are going to try pushing it better, and
then we will try a 33 MHz PCI socket instead of the 66/33 one.

	Thank you,

	Borja Marcos.
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