Summary: applying Patches to a Jumpstart OS Image.

From: <>
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 13:28:45 EDT
Thanks to All fhose that replied to this inquiry:

Ronald Loftin
Dave Baker
Alexander Tomko
Angel R. Rivera
Tim Evans
Frederic Medico

I recieved 3 answers to the post:

1> Yes this can be done with a patchadd -C
/export/jumpstart/OS/Solaris_7_1199-08/Solaris_2.7/Tools/Boot <patch>

2> #1 isn't recommended. The full OS is not being booted during a
jumpstart.See Tim Evans reply below

3> use the WebFlash in Solaris 8 04/01.

Tim Evans summarized about applying patches to the boot image:

You misunderstand what a JumpStart image is.  While it contains a minimal,
bootable operating system that's used when client boot from it, it does not
have "all" of Solaris installed as it would be on a running system.
packages not needed to boot a jumpstart client are stored in pkgadd format,
and get installed during a JumpStart.

Some patches, therefore, will apply to a JumpStart image, but others will

In any case, though, *clients* won't get those patches installed just
because you installed them on the boot server.  They will temporarily boot
patched operating system, but not get those patches installed.  You to do
that after the fact, either manually, or with a custom finish script.

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