SUMMARY: Optimal Performance

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Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 10:41:10 EST
Thanks everyone...would of list all names here, but way too long...
Most replies are as follow:

Linux:  Will be faster on x86 due to kernel being fine tune and abundant
        of drivers and fast file system, but will not be as stable as
        Solaris.  Update/patch for kernel is more frequent than Solaris.
        Will probably have more applications developed based on x86.

Solaris: Will be more stable than Linux but a 10-15% decrease in
         performance versus Linux.  But ufs file system is more stable,
         with logging, kernel needs less patching if none at all.
         Less applications developed on x86 architecture.

It'll boils down to what sort of hardware you have and what sort of
applications you plan on running.  For me, I'm setting up a Celeron
500Mhz/256MB RAM running DNS, logging, small web/apache processes so I 
feel Linux is probably best.  Furthermore, I just want to squeeze every 
processing power and disk access as much as possible out of this machine,
stability is not crucial since there are backup servers...

- Mike

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Mike's List wrote:

> [ WARNING: not to stir up debate between OS and platform ]
> I have an x86 system which I installed Solaris 8.  However, the hardware
> (ie., motherboard, video card, nic) is not listed on the Sun's HCL
> (hardware compatibility list) but the system seems to function just fine.
> My question is:  (Solaris = Solaris 8 7/01 / Linux = Redhat 7.2)
> --------------
> With an x86 based system, what OS would yield optimal performance?
> Which OS, Solaris or Linux, take more advantage of the front side bus,
> IDE/ATA 66/100, and other goodies that comes with current hardware
> specs of x86 architecture?  (regardless of what is run on the server,
> like apache, dns, sendmail, etc.)  NOTE: these hardwares are not even
> on Sun's HCL, which makes me ponder if it's at optimal with Solaris...
> [ WARNING END: just want optimal performance out of my hardware ]
> Thanks.
> - Mike
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