SUMMARY: variable for cron environment

From: Adam Bisbe <>
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 02:55:24 EDT
Thank you Jay, Todd, Bill, Paul

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cron jobs do not get a environment like users do. In my experience, it 
is safer to place the environment settings you need in the script so 
that you are guaranteed a known environment. You can source files in 
your cron scripts too so you could create central script that has all 
of the default environment settings and then source it at the beginning 
of each cron job. However, this approach means that you could 
potentially break cron jobs if you modify that environment definition.

I tested this, and cron gets from /etc/default/init just TZ, the other 
variables you put in it, even if you reboot are not passed to cron scripts.
The alternative is /etc/default/init, which gets *all* processes,
even if someone were to kill/restart cron by hand.  This requires
a reboot to take effect.
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