SUMMARY: Modem on Netra X1

From: Aleksandr Stolyar <>
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 19:56:47 EST
Thanks go to Steve Bidwell for providing step by step instructions and
Steve Frazer and Celeste Stokely for supplying helpful URLs.

Here are the instruction suggested by Steve Bidwell:

These instructions were for a ZDX Multi Modem,
Solaris Dial-up with external modem ttya at 38400 baud
Unix Configuration
Enter run-level 1 with
init 0
At the OK> prompt type:
OK> setenv auto-boot? false
OK> reset
OK> set-defaults
OK> setenv output-device ttya
OK> setenv input-device ttya
OK> setenv ttya-mode 38400,8,n,1
OK> nvramrc
OK> reset

Connect the device to serial a port and set the handshaking to 38400,8,n,1
Remove port monitor on port a
pmadm -r -p zsmon -s ttya
edit /etc/ttydefs changing instances of 9600 with 38400 to read:

console:38400 hupcl opost onlcr:38400::console
edit /etc/saf/zsmon/_pmtab
substitute instances of 9600 with 38400 to read:

add a port monitor using a script:

pmadm -a -p zsmon -s ttya -i root -fu -v `ttyadm -V` -m "`ttyadm -Sn -d
/dev/term/a -b -m ldterm,ttcompat -l 38400 -s /usr/bin/login`" -y "38400"
force reading new port monitor settings:
sacadm -x -p zsmon

Modem Configuration
Connect direct to modem from PC using HyperTerminal on COM1
Issue these AT commands into the modem

AT&D0				- Hardware DTR
AT&C0				- Hardware Carrier Detect
ATQ1				- No Echo Commands
AT$SB38400			- Set Baud rate same as ttya port
ATS=1				- Auto answer after 1 ring (default)

Serial Cable Pin-Out

  Netra                 		Sun serial DB25
  RJ-45                 		RS-232 adapter 
  Pin                   		part # 530-2889-01
  --------------        		------------------
  1 (RTS) blue    	---   	5  (CTS)
  2 (DTR) orange  	---   	6  (DSR)
  3 (TXD) black   	---   	3  (RXD)
  4 (GND) red     	---   	7  (GND)      
  5 (GND) green   	---   	7  (GND)
  6 (RXD) yellow  	---   	2  (TXD)
  7 (DSR) brown   	---   	20 (DTR)
  8 (CTS) gray    	---   	4  (RTS)

(Must be used with either a null modem adaptor or an RJ-45 cross over cable)
Sun's serial adaptor can be used without crossover or null modem adaptor.
Sun Part : 530-2889-02 Rev 50

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