SUMMARY: Solaris x86 + Win2k on same drive

From: Greg Gallagher <>
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 10:44:04 EST
Original Question:
>    I'm thinking about installing Solaris x86 and Windows 2000 on a new
> workstation I bought.  I read a few FAQs but am still a bit confused
> about duel booting both if they are on the same physical drive.
>    Basically I'm wondering:
>       -- which should I install first/last?  What if I threw Linux on
>          the drive as well?
>       -- is it possible to have Win2k and Solaris x86 on the same
>          drive?  Which partition is made active?  I thought that there
>          was a problem with NT and Solaris on the same, but ...


  Solaris and Win2k *can* exist on the same physical drive, with Linux
even.  The real trick is to install Win2k _first_, Solaris second and
Linux third (if you want to install Linux).

  Michael Grice sent me this link, which is very useful for
understanding multibooting Solaris with other Operating Systems:

Also, Petros Triantafyllidis pointed to this article on SysAdmin Mag
from last October:

For responding, much thanks goes out to:
Michael Grice
Cameron Worrell
Jonathan Jackson
Rami Aubourg
Steve Humphrey
Tajinder Panesar
Thomas Jones
Daniel Fricot
Ronak Shah
Paul Frederiksen
Hicham EL Akkaoui
Petros Triantafyllidis

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