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From: Anil Sreedharan <>
Date: Fri Nov 16 2001 - 16:22:16 EST
Thanks to osama ahmed for the info abt irix mailing list,
here is the info - SGI system administration. - Announcments about SGI stuff. - SGI Applications. - SGI Bugs. - SGI Graphics. - SGI Hardware. - Miscellanesous SGI discussions. - Send subscription requests here. 


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Please read the attached mail.
Please also note that there is a yahoo groups mailing list called
IRIXadmin, but not that active


Osama Ahmed
IBM Global Services
UNIX system Engineer

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hello everybody,

Can anybody recommend a good IRIX  mailing list

sunmanagers mailing list

attached mail follows:

     Everything posted to the comp.sys.sgi.* news groups are cross
posted to 
the info-iris-* email lists and visa versa.  The last I heard, the lists
manually maintained.  Send an email to
is a one to one correspondence between the news groups and the email
as far as names are concerned: 

          Email list                             News Group 
       info-iris-admin                       comp.sys.sgi.admin 
       info-iris-announce                    comp.sys.sgi.announce 
       info-iris-apps                        comp.sys.sgi.apps 
       info-iris-bugs                        comp.sys.sgi.bugs 
       info-iris-hardware                    comp.sys.sgi.hardware 
       info-iris-misc                        comp.sys.sgi.misc 

  Brent L. Bates (UNIX Sys. Admin.) 
  M.S. 912                              Phone:(757) 865-1400, x204 
  NASA Langley Research Center            FAX:(757) 865-8177 
  Hampton, Virginia  23681-0001 

  Under US Code Title 47, Sec.227(b)(1)(C), Sec.227(a)(2)(B) 
  This email address may not be added to any commercial mail list with
  my permission.  Violation of my privacy with advertising or SPAM will 
  result in a suit for a MINIMUM of $500 damages/incident, $1500 for

sunmanagers mailing list
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