SUMMARY: Break Signal from HyperTerm - VT100

From: Caparroso, Nelson T. (AAS) <>
Date: Thu Dec 27 2001 - 16:39:57 EST
Wow what a list! In just about 10 minutes -- I've got dozens of responses.
And the winnah is: TERATERM - quick, nice and small VT emulator that works
happily with Sun. And 'shame' on me -- I should've been aware of this
Hyperterminal thingy with WinNT/9x. Of course I had other alternatives up my
sleeve - Linux, Kermit (oh yes it is still pretty much around!), Qterm,
eXceed, Reflections, OnNET, tip.... etc.

Happy New Year to all on this wonderful list!

Nelson Caparroso

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How do I send BREAK (to the OBP) on a HyperTerminal (VT100) console? It's
been eons ago that I've done this and could only recollect CTRL-C and
CTRL-BREAK both of which do not work. I am setting up a SunFire 280R and
would like to break the boot up of the preconfigured disk and flash it with
our own standard image...

Thanks all..

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