Re: SUMMARY: 2 ethernet boards in a SPARC

From: Brian J. Smith (
Date: Tue Nov 29 1994 - 07:43:51 CST

In article <> (Tom Nemeth) writes:
>> localhost
>> myhost
>> myhost-1
>>This should then resolve any conflicts in addressing.
>On the right track, but it won't work properly. Somewhere in the manual it
>says that you must have the SAME HOST NUMBER on both networks. So, the above
>example must be changed to:
> localhost
> myhost
> myhost-1
>Trust me, I have several running.

I normally don't comment on stuff like this, but you are wrong Tom, I have
no idea where you read that they have to have the same host number but
it simply isn't true. I have a dozen or so dual-home machines, and none
of them have the same host number. It will work if they are the same, but
it isn't a requirement.


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