Re: SUMMARY: 2 ethernet boards in a SPARC

From: Tom Nemeth (
Date: Tue Nov 29 1994 - 09:02:09 CST

In article <> (Frank Langlotz) writes:

>How can I setup a Sun-OS 4.1 SPARCstation with a second ethernet board
>(SBUS)? I tried to add a second IP number and host name into /etc/hosts but
>in vrey irregular intervals warnings like "Duplicated IP addresse sent by
>ethernet xx:xx:xx:xx" appear in /var/adm/messages and for a few hours no
>connections are accepted any more from one of the subnets.

>Please mail to me ( directely, I will post a summary.

>Frank Langlotz


>You cannot have the same hostname on the 2 ethernet ports, in the same
>way that you can't have the same IP address.

>In /etc you should have 2 files called hostname.le0 and hostname.le1
>these should contain the names for the 2 ports eg mayhost and myhost-1.
>then in the /etc/hosts file you would have:

> localhost
> myhost
> myhost-1

>This should then resolve any conflicts in addressing.

On the right track, but it won't work properly. Somewhere in the manual it
says that you must have the SAME HOST NUMBER on both networks. So, the above
example must be changed to: localhost myhost myhost-1

Trust me, I have several running.

Tom Nemeth

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