Re: SUMMARY: 2 ethernet boards in a SPARC

From: George Ross (
Date: Wed Nov 30 1994 - 04:13:31 CST

In article <>, (Tom Nemeth) writes:
> In article <> (Frank Langlotz) writes:
> >You cannot have the same hostname on the 2 ethernet ports, in the same
> >way that you can't have the same IP address.

Well, that depends on how you interpret the question and which name resolution
system you use. If you use the DNS it's quite reasonable to have the same
name refer to all the interfaces on a machine. A reasonable resolver would
then choose the nearest one.

> >In /etc you should have 2 files called hostname.le0 and hostname.le1
> >these should contain the names for the 2 ports eg mayhost and myhost-1.
> >then in the /etc/hosts file you would have:
> > localhost
> > myhost
> > myhost-1
> >This should then resolve any conflicts in addressing.

This is a different interpretation of the question. What you're actually
doing here is associating *addresses* with the interfaces, not names. Stated
that way, if you prefer to have symbolic names for those addresses then
obviously you need to have different symbolic names.

What we do is have the canonical name translate to all the addresses, together
with additional interface-specific names. Something like:

myhost IN A
                IN A
myhost-4 IN A
myhost-160 IN A

and in your reverse zone:

36.4 IN PTR
8.160 IN PTR

> On the right track, but it won't work properly. Somewhere in the manual it
> says that you must have the SAME HOST NUMBER on both networks. So, the above
> example must be changed to:
> localhost
> myhost
> myhost-1
> Trust me, I have several running.


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