Re: SUMMARY: crypt(1) outside the USA

From: Geoff Rehmet (
Date: Thu Oct 06 1994 - 02:39:05 CDT

In <36vklt$> (Carl Brewer) writes:

>I've decided to encrypt with DES, after the advice that crypt(1)
>is very weak encryption (ENIGMA based?).

>I ftp'd the DES stuff from, but archie will
>find a closer site for anyone not in the US, if they archie for

>vi -x won't understand it, but since I have src for nvi, it may be
>possible (it is, but do I have time? :) ) to hack in support
>for libdes that comes with the DES implimentation.

Before everyone goes off and starts ftp'ing from sites in .au, please
would everyone take note of the fact that the export of encyption
technology from Australia is also illegal. Please avoid getting the
maintainers of ftp sites into trouble, and rather download code from
sites such as (Yes I know a lot of the code there came
from Australia, but indications are that the Australian DoD is not too
worried about code that is already outside Australia.)

(Time for a few countries, incl. Australia, USA, and France to throw
out some of the f*cking stupid laws.)


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