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From: Eric Young (
Date: Wed Oct 19 1994 - 18:27:43 CDT

In article <3709ip$>, (Geoff Rehmet) writes:
> In <36vklt$> (Carl Brewer) writes:
> >I ftp'd the DES stuff from, but archie will
> >find a closer site for anyone not in the US, if they archie for
> >libdes.tar.93-10-08
> > Before everyone goes off and starts ftp'ing from sites in .au, please
> would everyone take note of the fact that the export of encyption
> technology from Australia is also illegal. Please avoid getting the
> maintainers of ftp sites into trouble, and rather download code from
> sites such as (Yes I know a lot of the code there came
> from Australia, but indications are that the Australian DoD is not too
> worried about code that is already outside Australia.)

I have not visited this newgroup for some time so I'm a bit behind in this thread.
As author of the above mentioned library (and living in I am not aware of
any oz DoD restrictions on export. has been a source for
a non US DES implementation for used in X11R5 and X11R6 for years now.
I have also posted earlier version of this library
in comp.sources.misc and have yet to have the people come
for me in the middle of the night :-).

I would not wory about ftp'ing from


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