SUMMARY: crypt(1) outside the USA

From: Carl Brewer (
Date: Wed Oct 05 1994 - 20:42:21 CDT

I've decided to encrypt with DES, after the advice that crypt(1)
is very weak encryption (ENIGMA based?).

I ftp'd the DES stuff from, but archie will
find a closer site for anyone not in the US, if they archie for

vi -x won't understand it, but since I have src for nvi, it may be
possible (it is, but do I have time? :) ) to hack in support
for libdes that comes with the DES implimentation.

I had PGP recomended also, but for my own nefarious reasons I'm
going to use DES anyway :)

Thanks to (Szymon Sokol)
David Jones <> (William Unruh) (Peter Lamb)
Peter Wemm <peter@haywire.DIALix.COM>

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