Re: jumpstart & NIS+ (SUMMARY)

From: Casper H.S. Dik (
Date: Thu Apr 28 1994 - 03:24:47 CDT (Jean-Michel ROY) writes:

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>I had to set up /etc/hostname.le0 manually in my postinstall script.
> = (Stefan Turowski

This is caused by a bug in the installation procedure: hostname.le0
will be created on the first disk it is allowed, only when it's created
in /tmp/... it will be copied to the new disk. The install program
will first try to create it on teh CD, which fails, *unless* it's
on disk and it's exported R/W w/ root access.

We export w/o root access. The latter requires chmod -R <installtree> a+rX.

>I am specifically interested by experience of people using the network
>in all three phases. (There is the additional question of whether the
>server on the network uses a CDROM itself, or a copy on disk of the
>CDROM,. I think that this is an unimportant issue!)

Look in*

Contains our start & finish scripts.

Also in the Wabi.faq and the x86 hardware
list (both from an autoreply mailer @ sun)


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