jumpstart & NIS+ (SUMMARY)

From: Jean-Michel ROY (roy@issy.cnet.fr)
Date: Thu Apr 28 1994 - 01:23:31 CDT


this summarizes the answers to the question whether NIS+ is needed to use *jumpstart* (SOLARIS automatic installation).

- There is no need for NIS+ just to use jumpstart. = (Bob Dowling rjd4@ucs.cam.ac.uk)

- It's the contrary. We've been doing it using a NIS instead of a NIS+ server for months. We're just not moving into NIS+. = (Randy randy@aslan.nlm.nih.gov)

- One of NIS or NIS+ is required for fully automatic installation: NIS or NIS+ is used as source for timezone, netmask and timehost (and perhaps others). = (Casper H.S. Dik casper@fwi.uva.nl)

- The SUNWnskit package lets your Solaris 2 machine be a pure NIS server ( [...] not setting up NIS+ and then having it respond to NIS requests) = (Bob Dowling rjd4@ucs.cam.ac.uk)

- Jim Davis (jdavis@cs.arizona.edu) set up a bootserver (not a full
install server) on a 4.1.1 machine that wasn't running NIS (YP), and
it worked fine.

- No problem using NIS for automatic installation (=jumpstart). You only have to set up the correct maps (ethers, bootparams, timezone.byname), the daemons (rarpd, bootparamd).
  I have just installed 8 systems successfully (from 4.1.3 Servers).
You only have to be careful while writing the 'postinstall' script:
The 'will be' disks are mounted under /a.
I had to set up /etc/hostname.le0 manually in my postinstall script. = (Stefan Turowski turo@informatik.uni-erlangen.de)

As far as I understand the full automatic installation needs:
1) A primary kernel:
- from the CDROM
- from the network
2) The files and binaries to install on the final disk(s)
- from the CDROM
- from the network
3) A configuration file to provide automatic answers to the configuration questions (timezone, etc...)
- from the CDROM
- from the network
- from the diskette

I am specifically interested by experience of people using the network in all three phases. (There is the additional question of whether the server on the network uses a CDROM itself, or a copy on disk of the CDROM,. I think that this is an unimportant issue!)

Thanks in advance.

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